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To Build a Better Ruffian, I need YOUR HELP

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    Good to know


      Figured I should have my bike for avitar instead of the over priced, under performing "Ruffian" stock pic. Don't know why I waited so long to change that


        Bumping for repaint and upgrades:
        Bike has been totally disassembled and all wiring ripped out. Upgrading all wires to shielded and stranded 22awg as I originally just used cat5 for the communications cables. Upgrading power cables to 10awg stranded from 12awg, and moving the battery packs(2 new ones just ordered) one in each saddle bag instead of the original location of inside the tank. I could not remove them without taking the tank off. Good for security, bad for cold weather storage. Now I will be able to remove the packs easily for storage/ charging. Also swapping out the phaserunner and adding the Ludi controller(ordered 2 days ago). I do not need the top end the bike has. I never had reason to go over 45mph, beyond the fact I just could. Swapping the XL-RD3 rear hub for the X-RD8 for the massive increase in gear range. Should offset much of the loss in top end in changing the controller(lower voltage upon rebuild) but hopefully make it more robust/ reliable. I had been breaking stuff lately and want to make this fairly bullet proof. New headlight switch(burned out old one cuz I was too lazy to install the relay that is sitting in my drawer). Many other little things to do.
        The over all reason for the rebuild is to make this bike 99.9% reliable. I hope to have it all done and back on the road within 3 weeks. The one item that could hold me back depends on the wait time for the new Ludi controller. All the other parts have already arrived, just waiting for a calm day to paint. When done, it should look no different than the original build, so wondering as to whether I should bother with pics...............


          Ludi controller shipped per Luna email. Wanted to paint tomorrow, supposed to be nice out. BUT fedex is going to be late on a few items that where supposed to be here by 4pm today, now 8pm tomorrow. A few bits in that order need paint, so now I am hoping to paint on friday.


            New parts needing paint, and existing parts needing respray/ touch up now done. Did not take any pics, as they would look just like the ones I posted for the original build:) New fenders, tires, and brakes done. Frame back together with the exception of the tank. I need to run all the internal wires before mounting the tank. Then just start putting everything back on it. I should have the Ludi controller by end of next week, if not sooner. All up to USPS on that. Also waiting on new battery packs. I still have to pick new saddlebags and order them, as well as new turn signals for the rear. The original ones I installed where fine at night, but were too inconspicuous to be seen in daylight. That will get fixed. New alarm system already started installing, cant finish until tank is back on. Thats about all I could do today, as I had to wash/ wax the SUV, and have a Discord meeting at 7pm today for a PC game I beta test for. Not bad progress, might get a bit more done on friday. Oh yeah, REAL kickstand meant for this bike was FINALLY available, so that came in with the other stuff, and is installed already. No more scratches from leaning bike up against walls and junk. Until next time..................


              Ludi controller arrived today. Got it installed along with tank mounted and about half the electronics rewired/ finished. Still left are front/ rear video cams, and all electronics on handlebars. Rest of electrical is now done and i must say, done right this time. Also need to install brake levers/ cables, and connect to hubs, as well as gear shift and cable, plus connect to hub. I decided to re-use the original battery pack JUST fits in each, and leave enough room for some odds and ends. Maybe another day or two of work, and then I get to test.
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                Let me start off by saying what a build and what an awesome bike you´re a great source of inspiration and information. It´s great that you have kept up with posting.

                I´m an owner of a cruiser with a ruff porucho frame and I´m wondering about going electric. I´ll create a separate post in the future but right now it made sense to post directly to this thread. I have a ton of questions but I´ll start with only a few, I hope you can chip in :)

                First off, I´m wondering if I should go mid drive, back or even front drive. I know that there are perks and cons for each of them just would like to get an opinion. My thoughts on them:

                Mid drive:
                I see both you and idearat have problems with chain tension and chain slipping. Using hub motors would take this out of equation. As I also have had some trouble with chain in the past having a hub motor totally independent of the chain makes sense. Alas ruffian, you and also idearat have gone with a mid drive for cruisers. Why so? Just because you already had bits and pieces laying around.

                Front hub:
                Would make sense to get an "AWD" Also running wires to the tank from front wheel seems easier. I´ve heard that adding weight to front wheel is not ideal especially with cruisers as they are a bit harder to control anyway.

                Back hub:
                The idea that I´m most leaning to right now. To get the kind of motorcycle rear drive wheel for some reason makes the most sense. Can´t see many cons with this maybe you can add some :)

                Your dealing with ruff Cycles.

                I already bought my cruiser in a built condition so I have no experience with dealing them myself. I´m right now wondering about selling my cruiser and ordering new bits and pieces from them as they have a discount going on and the v4 frame seems already better in many ways than the old one. Also wondering about going aluminium.
                If you don´t want to discuss it here maybe you can DM me of what exactly went wrong between you and them.

                Hope you have some time to share your know-how and thoughts.




                  Appreciate the kind words dleevik. The Ruff-cycles Ruffian was a starting point. I love the look, just cant spend $5k+ on an ebike. Especially one with a 500w and lower motor. Glad you saw idearat's thread, as he can help with any difficulties on the Parucho frame. As far as the choice on motors, DD Hub, Geared Hub, or Mid Drive, I can only say, I would stay away from the Geared Hubs. I almost swapped my BBSHD for a QS205(rear hub) motor. They have been known to handle up to 10k watts!!!! But after all the tinkering I have tried, I am sure I do not need that much power. I had my BBSHD running on a Grin Phaserunner controller at 60v/ 40A for a while. Now it is running 52v/ 50A on a Ludicrous controller. 2600w is plenty.
                  I have only seen a few people running dual hubs(front/rear). I would go with a single rear higher power motor over dual lower power units. Slightly less weight, same power. Just my opinion tho. I went with the steel frame, and tank due to wanting all my cables routed internally of the downtube from motor to tank. But a Hub motor would not need to worry about that, so either should not be a problem, and AL would def lighten it up some. Mine weighs around 90lbs. Thats the full bike with motor and dual 12.5ah 52v battery packs......and a few tools/ repair parts kept in saddlebags.
                  Now, as far as my "issues" with Ruff-cycle.........I dont want to get too detailed, but be VERY cautious of that "sale". The "Winter Sale" is when I ordered my parts and selected them from the sale listings. I was charged FULL PRICE on the frame, tank, and tires and they refused to honor the sale price and return the difference OR even offer some store credit. It happened due to their web system taking FOREVER to recognize your location globally. You will notice after poking around the site that a pop up asks which store location you want. When I selected all my parts, I was too fast on the first few, and did not notice that pop up. So, if you do use, I recommend loading the "store" site, and literally waiting 5-10 mins before selecting anything. Wait for it to ask if you want to use the German, French, or English site(displayed by flag) to be safe. They WILL NOT work with you or offer to help in any way. Sadly they lost out on the sale of 4 more sets of Basman bike builds and likely more. I had 3 people wanting me to build these, but due to the way Ruff did me, I decided to not go further with them. I had planned to maybe start a small business building these. Not now. Keeping it a hobby.
                  I hope some of the info is useful, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


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                    Not getting a fair price for my cruiser right now so might end up keeping it. Steel it is then. At the moment trying to figure out from where to order the motor. Aliexpress makes sense as to order from luna to europe seems kinda pointless.
                    Do you think I can somehow pass "building" the wheel myself (etc spokes to motor) and just order already built wheel Aliexpress has loads of these available but fatbike brackets seem to be too large for porucho frame and others don´t want to do with a wide tire. What´s your take on it? I have no wheel building experience and Estonia is a really small market so I´m not even sure if there is any point to ask around for a custom job like that :/

                  If it is under 2k watt, u should be safe building a wheel with normal bicycle components. But anything higher output, I would buy a pre built wheel. Qs motors and others usually have a Moto style wheel package


                    All the wiring and upgrades now done with the exception of the new torque arm for the rear wheel. It should arrive weds. I also shorted out my 52v to 12v step down converter. Entirely my fault. had finished all the wire soldering and heatshrink treatment with the exception of a few connections to the converter when I decided to grab a bite for dinner. When I came back to it, I misremembered which wire went were, and shorted it out. I was able to verify all other components are fine using a 12v battery to test, but now am waiting on a new step down converter as well. Easy to replace now, just a couple connectors to install and swap them. Hopefully the converter does not take too long to arrive. I can obviously use the bike without all my accessories, but I put them on for a reason. Lights, signals, horn, stop, turn, music, cameras, alarm, phone charging, phone unlocking BBSHD etc, all require that converter, so.......................


                      Test ride was glorious. All the power I could want. Did not push it too hard, that will come in a few days. Just testing today. Still waiting on the converter so no accessories right now. Ups show the 15th for delivery. For ease of install and looks, the ludi controller is very much the better choice over the phaserunner


                        That's exactly what I did, I didn't want to pay 6000 plus I wanted more power. I'm about almost done doing some wire management test everything make sure it works then I'm going to disassemble it and bring it in for Powder Coating. I spent around 2800, most of the price was the battery. 100.8 volts 30ah. I can't wait till it's powder-coated and then put back together I've been going at it for 6 months just working on it couple hours here and there. Had to refresh my TIG welding skills, which I guess is like riding a bike. I love these lowrider beach cruiser Chopper Style frames. I used a ruff Tango V3. $199.99 is what I paid. I removed the bottom bracket shell and put a fat bike 100mm bottom bracket shell with English thread with extra bracing. Here are pictures of mine I took a different approach rather than doing a tank up top I pulled out my slip roller and bent the metal until they follow the curves of the frame.

                        Stay safe

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                          Looking nice. What Amperage u using with that 100v pack?