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Norco EXC BBSHD “Nightfury”

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    Norco EXC BBSHD “Nightfury”

    I will be cataloging my first ebike build here.
    I bought a 2006 Norco EXC 1.0HT bike, worth $3,800CAD brand new, paid $900 for it with the previous owner only riding it for one season:

    I plan on installing a BBSHD, DPC-18, Luna Mighty mini chainring (What kind of gear ratio should I use for a combo between high torque for off-roading, and good speed for road riding?), and a EM3EV 52V 14s9p 22AH triangle battery. I also plan on wrapping my tires and the inside of my case in LED stripes and custom making 3D printed battery cases for the wheels.

    While I wait for my battery to ship, I started to design a case for my bike. The battery will be held inside of a fabric case, and I will be building an aluminum shell for both looks and battery security to go around the whole frame. When finished, I plan on vinyl wrapping my frame in carbon fiber, and the case wrapped in Psychedelic.

    The problem I have right now, is that my case rests on top of my brake and shifter lines. Does anyone have any ideas to lift the box so that it isn’t on my lines?
    EM battery: 3” wide. Case: 4” wide. 3M psychadelic vinyl wrap

    On my recent Surly Wednesday build, I noticed that if I got rid of the two brazed on fittings on the bottom of the top tube, meant for the shift or brake cable housings i believe) I could fit an additional 6 AH of battery in the triangle. So, a skinny wheel in the grinder made them go away. The cable housings are zip tied into place not, plus all covered by my battery bag anyway.


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      My frame is huge, so I could probably put a 60AH battery in there no problem. But that isn't my concern. The aluminum shell is meant to stop people from taking my battery out of the fabric case. But right now that shell is resting ON my shifter and break cables, and I'm trying to figure out a way so that it isn't resting on them.

    Update, the bike is finished and it's amazing. I decided to buy most of the parts from Em3ev instead of Luna as the conversion rates and duty fees from US to Cad is way to extreme right now.

    Click image for larger version

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    Parts I ended up buying:
    BBSHD 48v 30A programmed to juicy (I believe), DPC-14 (TFT color display),
    Lekkie bling ring 42 tooth Chainring, right half twist throttle. Battery 52V 14S9P-PF 25.7Ah with 60A smart BMS,
    CNC shock absorbing Luna pedals, E-pump, ebike tool kit
    KMC X9.93 chain, Thudbuster LT seatpost,

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    Stock programming the BBSHD is extremely jerky. Reprogrammed to juicy (or maybe Karl's special sauce, I'll have to check) is much smoother.
    I had the bike mechanic do some work and had them install the throttle because it was a loose fit. Their genius fix was to just use spray adhesive, which of course is stupid on a plastic throttle and a smooth carbon fiber handle. When I went to pick it up, the throttle popped off and ripped the cord out.

    The thudbuster along with a gel foam seat is a god send for comfort. I can hit potholes and rough terrain seated as if its a full suspension bike. First impressions of the battery is amazing. I can bike for hours full throttle and still have a ton of juice left over. I'll have to test the range of it.

    I started the vinyl wrapping and it looks really good.

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    I'm occasionally having the KMC X9.93 chain popping off of my lekkie 42 tooth chainring though. I also broke the speed sensor mount in my first crash with it. The cheap china plastic is real on it. Any ideas on how to fix the chain and strengthen the speed sensor?
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      If you haven’t given up on the hard case, what I did was cut the holes for the top tube a little lower than the top of the housing. That gave me enough room to run the wires along the top tube under the housing. Notch out the holes for the wires and the cables should run smooth.


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        I’d have to see it to see what you mean. I did some research and found a design where you make it inside of the tube instead of around, and use a few U bolts to secure it. That was my new plan.

      Here you can see fuel tank just a little above top tube to allow space for wires. I ran mine along side of toptube but still works for wires along top. Check out my post


        ManaCycle That could work, however I have an extra large frame, and even though I am 6'3", I have very little clearance as it is, so I decided to make my battery box inside of the frame since the original thread posting.

        Click image for larger version

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