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Bullitt with BBSHD (3x9 gearing prior) - Post build advise

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    Bullitt with BBSHD (3x9 gearing prior) - Post build advise

    The last couple years I have loved owning a Bullitt by Larry vs Harry. I came to the bike through a random series of events, but since getting it, my kid and I have lived on it all summer. We often pack up in the morning then bike to the park, zoo, pool, museum, wherever going for day long adventures, by bike. I live in a hilly town, but the gearing was low enough, that with determination I could make it around.

    Well, my big kid got bigger (4) and got a little sister. So I researched conversion kits. I'm writing this so others can learn from my errors.

    I went with the BBSHD from California E-Bike with 52v 14.3 Ah battery and a EggRider Controller.

    The order:
    • Overall happy, frustrated that the website listed a 5V port on the battery which it doesn't have (minor)
    • Doug has been helpful with the one exchange I need to make due to order an extension I didn't need.

    The build:
    • Getting this onto the Bullitt was a process... the shaft of the BBSHD would not fit through the bottom bracket, without minor Dremmel work. Once through the reduction gear collided with the rear chain stay, needing two 1.25mm in spacers (
    • Once in, getting it tight was another challenge. Tried a universal tool, no luck. Not sure if it was initial break in, or just couldn't truly lock down. Eventually ordered Luna's wrench (, it worked! But the wrench also bent in the process. I would definetly start by ordering Luna's wrench.
    • Another minor challenge was routing the wiring. Since I'm unable to rock the BBSHD forward much, the wiring doesn't have much clearance. I don't want the wiring going under the batter (ground clearance issues), so instead it comes behind and over, giving 5mm of clearance to the wheel. Not ideal, but maybe will make a skid plate to protect. Luckily the Bullitt has lots of wiring attachment points that worked well
    • The stock crank arms were miss threaded, so ordered a basic pair of Shimano e-bike crank arms.
    • I struggled to decide where to place the battery. I ended up putting it in the front of my kid carrying box, just behind the front wheel. To acomodate this had to get additional wire to splice in.
    • The e-brake cutoff magnets nicely sit on a metal part of the brake, silly, but made testing and instal supper easy.
    First 200 miles
    • It has been game changing. Previously getting up our hill was doable, but would take all the energy out of you. Now I can kick up the assist to get up the worst parts, and turn it off/down for the flats. This has given me more confidence to take my bike when I'm feeling less then a 100%. Both my kids are also loving it. One day we had to take the car for school drop offs, and my 4 year old complained that he didn't get to ride in the speedy bike.
    • Initially had wanted to keep low range gear options with 36T front ring ( Learned this through my chain so far out of line I only kept my top 4 rear gears. So I had to change to a 42T front ring ( which lined up my chain, allowing full rear sprocket options. This plus a larger rear cassette has helped me maintain most of my range, but I don't think I'll be able to do the steepest hills with out e-assist.
    • Even with the gear shift sensor the shifting has been less than smooth. Workable, part of a conversion... but an internal gearing hub would be nice.
    • I love the EggRider controller. It has been fun being able to tinker with the settings via the phone app. I find that I don't touch the app, except to change the settings on the controller. The batter doesn't have 5V port to charge my phone, so I don't want my phone on the whole ride. My only minor gripe, is the screen is hard to see with polarized sun glasses.
    • With my setup and local terrain I have a range of about 22 miles. This is just enough to do kid drop offs and pick ups.
    Hopefully someone finds this information helpful. When going to do my conversion I struggled to find some of this info in relation to Bullitts, obviously being a noob to conversion didn't help ether.
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    Update: Broken fuse plate?

    With routing the wiring there was a bulk on the positive wire about 6" from the motor. Shortly after rerouting the wiring the motor & controller stopped working, not getting any power. After some debugging I discovered that this version of BBSHD had an inline 25A ceramic fuse (see pic). I got to spice the wires, and added a more modern 25A ATM fuse (see other picture) closer to the battery.

    I'm not clear if this is a standard BBSHD feature or just a random variation. Struggled to find other people talking about a in-line fuse on the positive wire of the BBSHD motor.


      Mine has always had that fuse as well. It is hidden under some heat shrink aprox 3-4" from the motor on the power lead. I have never needed to open up the heatshrink so I never knew the rating. Interesting that it is a 25A fuse if the BBSHD handles 30A and with the Ludi controller up to 60A(maybe higher rated fuse on Ludi controller?). But fair warning, using a "normal" automotive ATM fuse will probably see it "blow" frequently as most ceramic cylinder type fuses like those are slow blow. ATMs are generally fast blow. I would bump it up to 30A if using an ATM style. Just my $.02


        Interesting the whole description, I don't have a Bullitt yet and I'm dreaming of it but soon I will have it, I'm looking for offers for the engine in the meantime, so could you tell me the width and other necessary dimensions that I have to consider for the frame in the bottom bracket of the pedal pin? Thanks.


          You might look into a Sturmey Archer 3x9 rear hub.The overdrive portion probably won't be much use to you, but the lower range will get the gearing back down where you like it.

          You can play around with it at Sheldon Browns Gear Calculator to see what it has to offer.

          Speed at 90rpm is a useful setting for the Gear Units menu.
          The SA 3 speed is considered strong enough for a BBSHD.