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Converting a 27.5 Pitch Expert to an E-bike, requires your help!

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    The locks only stop the honest - it's extremely easy to steal a battery even with the locks

    I'm not looking forward to the day when battery theft becomes a problem and we've got to carry them in wherever we go - I could steal the one with a lock in less time than it take to unlock them and remove them properly


      I hear that AZguy. A simple flathead screw driver can pry the soft aluminum from the screws/ bolts in under a second. So they get your battery AND the mount. Since my new build has 2 Panasonic 52v 12.5ah battery packs($1200+ invested!) I want to be SURE nobody can get them easily. Thankfully my tank is large enough for both to fit inside plus all my other electronic stuff, with room to spare for ventilation. The batteries have to be installed in the tank before the tank is mounted into the frame or they do not go in/ room. In addition to that I have a motorcycle alarm system being installed too. I think I have done all I can to protect mine.


        You can buy a separate Kevlar lock for the Wolfpack from Luna. Battery attached with magnets to bottle cage bolts and locked around downtube with Kevlar strap. Awesome battery, feels heavy duty compared to cheap plastic housing on others and made in USA.


          Unfortunately, the Wolfpack battery is not lockable. I have the kevlar strap and it's useless. If you look at the picture on their website, you just need to slip the strap up and over the battery and you can pull the battery right off. There needs to be some sort of a slot in the battery that the strap threads through. I'm currently trying to figure out how to modify the battery or my bike to accomodate such a thing. Otherwise, I'm kind of nervous about someone stealing my $600 battery, that's secured with nothing but magnets...


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            Even with a lock, your battery is not as secure as you think. You can buy any size of bolt cutters or even a wireless angle grinder at Home Depot and carry them with you to break through practically any lock that isn't 18mm thick in less than 10 seconds. If a thief wants your battery, he's going to take it, no matter what lock you put on it.

            Watch this video to see how easy they can do it.

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