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Starting Fresh, advice for my first ebike

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    Starting Fresh, advice for my first ebike

    I know the basics of what I'm looking for but I'm looking for some advice from an experienced builder. I don't currently have a bike but I'm considering buying the Brodie Quantum and putting the Bafang BBSHD 1000w mid drive and I'm unsure of the battery size i need. I'm going to list a few of my questions below:

    Is this a good choice of a bike to convert to an ebike?
    What kind of capacity do i need to travel with this system 40-50 miles, in a non hilly terrain?

    i'm not sure if 1 electric bike build makes me an experineced builder :) but i personally prefer midrive over hub motor for any kind of riding (the only drawback is if you broke your chain hub motor can still take you home, while midrive your not going anywhere)

    more volt means more power, more amp means more range (if i'm not mistaken)

    advice#1: get the the proper tools don't improvise
    advice#2: get spacers (will come in handy)
    advice#3: get custom chainring (lekkie hd, luna bbshd chainring)
    How to calculate watt hours, and the importance of watt hours, to help you make the right choice when buying an electric bike.


      Looks a good bike to convert not that I have seen one.

      If you're going to pedal a lot then a high power 52 volt 14.5 amp hour may do the distance on pass level 1.

      But if you're going to use the throttle then maybe a triangle pack maybe best. 20 amp hours or more.

      Before you buy your bike make a cardboard cut out of the battery size. This way you won't be buying a bike thats not going to fit the battery.


        40-50 miles is a long way. I would buy the biggest battery that fits, you get a lot of extra range for a bit more money and weight. Range anxiety is the biggest drawback of my 11.5ah battery.


          I want to build an E-cycle. hope many experienced guys in these field are over here can u help me how to build an E cycle?


            50 miles between charges is a serious ride. Get the most amp-hours size of battery that will fit, and use PAS instead of the hand throttle. Also...a comfortable seat!


              50 miles is pretty easily achieved on a 20 Ah pack, if you aren't running top speed and you pedal along. 15-20 mph-ish, not 30, in PAS but not working too hard, non-hilly. I've even seen 70 miles range when pedaling mildly and staying below 20 mph for most of it, and that's on a fatbike. With your more efficient bike, you could go a bit faster and achieve the same.

              So, a 14.5 Ah pack ought to get you 40-50 miles, used similarly. However, that Brodie is ideal for a 20 Ah triangle pack, and the cost for the additional Ah isn't that much higher. If you think you'll want to go fast and don't mind the triangle pack packaging, consider it.
              Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


                Definitely get a 20 or 24ah battery. I just got back from a 40 mile ride. My BBSHD with 11.5ah PF at 100% charge (58.7v) died around 18 or 19 miles, had to pedal to my destination. Recharged to 100% while I ate breakfast and did emails. Basically the same experience on the way home, died between 18 or 19 miles.

                Terrain: flattest ride with the fewest stops I have done in this town, with little to no wind - basically ideal for long range
                Motor Power: PAS 5 (out of 5), zero throttle
                Pedal Power: modest to hard
                Speed: 25-30 mph for the most part
                Set-up: hybrid, commuter tires, 230lbs total (bike + rider)

                I really thought it would go further given the terrain and conditions, especially with so few stops, but I double checked the mileage with online maps.


                • Peter Halt
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                  PAS 5 is using a lot of power. If you are pedaling hard on flat terrain, PAS 1 or 2 in a high gear will get you to same speed with half the power consumption. I easily get 40-50 miles with the same setup if I do some work.

                • CraigAustin
                  CraigAustin commented
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                  I appreciate the suggestion but PAS 1 or 2 will not get you anywhere near the same speed as PAS 5. That's the whole point of it. Sure I could slow down a lot and last 40 miles on a charge, but my road bike goes almost as fast as my ebike in PAS 1 because it's not weighed down by 25 lbs of motor and battery.

                I have a BBS2 I have a 48v battery use pedal assist only have set my controller to give me 10% of Full amp usage on pedal assist 1 20% on assist 2 and so on percentage of speed set to 100% on all levels and last saturday ride 52 miles on 80% charge on assist level 2 or 3 when too steep. If you used your pedal assist too high you will overheat your bbs2 and get almost no miles, good luck
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