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2019 Giant Trance 2 (X-Large) Build with BBSHD Mid-Drive

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    2019 Giant Trance 2 (X-Large) Build with BBSHD Mid-Drive

    2019 Giant Trance 2 (X-Large)
    (I love my 1998 K2 build (Luna BBSHD mid-drive) so much I was a little worried about whether I could be happy with a new build.)
    But I am SUPER happy with this build.

    This is my second build with the BBSHD mid-Drive kit.
    Bike cost was $2300
    Kit cost was about $1500

    The bottom bracket has outer tabs (see pic) - one of which needed to be removed with a grinder (so that the motor can rotate and be positioned in place up against the frame.

    The PF-41 pressfit bottom bracket from Luna was back-ordered several weeks. Rather than wait, I sourced a different adapter from here:

    The spoke magnet that came with the kit was too long (see pic). Even with the speedo pushed all the way in, the magnet hit the speedo. So I used a spare Luna spoke magnet from my bike box (and ordered another spare).

    Battery: I chose the Luna Fusion Wolf 52v 13.5AH MJ1 Clear. Very happy with this choice. The V2 of the Wolf battery holds VERY firmly to the rectangle magnet mount (compared to my V1 which doesn’t hold as securely to the rectangle magnet mount).

    Front Sprocket: I chose the Luna Eclipse 42T. And I needed 3 sprocket spacers to keep the sprocket teeth from hitting the frame. If a smaller Eclipse existed, I would have definitely tried that because it looks like a smaller sprocket would fit nicely on the 2019 Trance 2 without any spacers. (see pics) In spite of an imperfect chain line, I was able to adjust the rear derailleur, eliminate all chain drop, and access all of the sprockets in the cogset.
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    Nice job man. What size is that frame?


      The Trance 2 I purchased is an X-Large. I updated the post to add that detail.