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1999 K2 900 Build with BBSHD Mid-Drive

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    1999 K2 900 Build with BBSHD Mid-Drive

    1999 K2 900 Build with BBSHD Mid-Drive

    1999 K2 900
    Bike cost was $1000 in 1999
    Kit cost was about $1400 in 2018

    This build was done in 2018 on my like-new 1999 K2 900. It is like-new because it has been hardly used at a second home in Park City. Whenever people see me on it, it is common to hear comments like, “Hey I used to have one of those!”

    The BBSHD Mid-Drive kit went right on with no problems.

    Front Display: Luna 750c Full Color Display

    Front Sprocket: Being a Newbie, I didn’t even know about sprocket choices and just put on the 46T sprocket that comes with the kit. A year later, I replaced the stock sprocket with a Luna Eclipse 42T to get a better chainline.

    Throttle: I chose a Bafang Full Twist Throttle with built-in Ebrake cut off. The circumference of the throttle housing interfered with the K2 shifter levers. At first, I flipped the shifters upside down and cut one of the levers with my dikes cutting pliers to avoid hitting the throttle housing. I rode that goofy way for a year before replacing the stock shifters with a $10 SunRace SLM 10 friction shifter. Perfect fix!

    Battery: Luna Wolf Samsung 30q 12ah This is a V1. The round magnet mounts worked OK but I eventually ordered the rectangle magnet in hopes of a better and stronger battery mount. I drilled additional holes in the rectangle magnet mount so that the battery would seat fully on the magnet. Even with this, the battery comes off the magnet too easily for my taste. So I’ve added zip tie straps to help secure the battery. (By the way, the V2 battery mounts VERY solidly to the rectangle magnet. So an improvement must have been made to the surface area of the battery that makes contact with the rectangle magnet mount.)

    Charger: Cycle Satiator – Programmable Electric Bike Batter Charter – 24, 36, 48, 52V (and also got an XLR to XT 60 Adapter. Pricey, but fantastic charger.

    Controller Settings: I purchased the programming cable and fiddled a bit with the controller settings. For example, the Luna website has a chart that shows a 52v battery is at 0% at 42v. So I changed the controller setting for battery cutoff from 41v to 42v. I’m too much of a Newbie to know if this was necessary, but I decided to make the change to play it safe.