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BBSHD on Motobecane HAL5?

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    BBSHD on Motobecane HAL5?

    Has anyone installed a BBSHD on a Motobecane HAL5 Full Suspension MTB? I looked around and haven't found a single one. That said, I'll be doing it.

    It seems like a really prime candidate, so I'm a bit surprised nobody's done it already. I saw one guy on ES talking about doing it, but never saw photos of the finished product.

    I see that some cables go underneath the bottom bracket - that doesn't really concern me. Beside that, is there something I'm overlooking?

    BB is 73mm BSA, room enough for mighty mini, all systems go?
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    Other than fitting a battery, go for it. Let us know how the build goes. Nearly every build has some details to sort. Nearly all are sortable. The joys of kit building.
    Some cable can be moved and others have used rubber blocks and other standoffs to keep the motor off the cables. Some dual suspensions are overwhelmed by the power of the BBSHD.


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      Thanks Louis. Sounds like you didn't see any showstoppers either. Bring on the power!