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eggrider v2 WTF are all these numbers??

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    eggrider v2 WTF are all these numbers??

    so I'm on my 2nd bbshd build. this new one I'm using an eggrider v2. both bbshd came from Luna with the hot rod controller program which is rad. . I guess.. I dont know what the lame one is like..

    so. this eggrider v2 display seems like it cancels out the Luna hot rod program . makes the bike slow.. (I mainly use the throttle because it's more fun).

    I finally got the eggrider app to work (had to turn on my phones GPS to make it work... also the blue tooth)...

    I'm an idiot with all this programming crap...
    someone just tell me what numbers to punch into the THROTTLE settings to give me maximum power when I twist the throttle... also, there is a TORQUE screen... what numbers do I punch in to give me maximum torque?
    I don't care about battery consumption.
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