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Luna Ludacris V2 w/ Eggrider

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    Luna Ludacris V2 w/ Eggrider

    Hi, i'm purchasing a Luna V2 ludicrous controller

    anyone know if the latest update fixes any issues / compatibilities with the eggrider? If not any displays you guys recommend that work well with it.

    I heard for the most part the controller works great, just not so great with the eggrider @ 72 volts.

    Thank you

    i'm not totally clear on your question, but i can tell you i run the v2 on a Chibattery 60v gladiator and the Eggrider is outstanding. Yes, the GLE app for my controller has 100 times as many tuning functions but the truth is that 98 percet of the time i run the ER. It's simple, pretty and has all the core metrics you need. i can't comment on the 72V thing. I did see something on thier website about joining a pin if you're going to run way over 60v. but i have no direct experience. plus, if you ride trails it's not feasible to ride around with a phone on your bars.