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Luna X2 with M600 and ludicrous controller - Programming questions

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    Luna X2 with M600 and ludicrous controller - Programming questions

    I just purchased an Luna X2 with the M600 motor and Ludicrous Controller. I have been thru the App and it feels like there is not a lot of programming options.
    To me the bike feels sluggish compared to my Bafang BBSHD.

    A few specific questions:

    1. Is there a way to have full throttle control when the PAS is set to 0? Personally that is my favorite way to ride, keep the PAS off and just roll into the throttle as needed.

    2. Is there a way to manually adjust each of the PAS levels? Say I want PAS 1 at 5% and PAS 2 at 22%, etc.......

    3. I have read thru the controller manual talking about programming but I am still not sure what each of the sliders really does, is there a better description of this somewhere?

    4. When riding the torque sensor seems really sensitive. If I put the bike in PAS 2 or 3 the bike seems to surge when I am pedaling. Any suggestions on what to change to get rid of this?
    (I am coming from my build with a Bafang BBSHD, on that bike it seems to be the opposite - the lighter I pedal (less torque on the pedals) the more the motor assists. On this bike it feels opposite, the more I push the pedals the more the motor assists. I kind of prefer the way the BBSHD feels)

    Battery life - After my 1st couple ride it seems to chew thru the battery pretty quick. I live in a pretty hilly area so climbing lots of hills. Just wondering if there are any programming sewtting you have found to help save some battery life.


    I'm really surprised nobody has answered this one. I have exactly the same question!


      This might be a start:

      New Ludicrous tech is coming to our M600 drive units! Smooth, efficient and customizable, this new controller shares the same platform of our BBSHD ludicrous v2 controller in a tighter package, fully integrated with the Luna X2 bike.This is a 12 MOSFET controller, running at high frequency for maximum power density and silent operation.Much larger cooling surface and quality MOSFETS maximizes power capacityCompatible with all M600 drive unitsThe Field Oriented Control (FOC) makes the torque output proportional to throttle input and reduces losses. The MTPA optimization increases torque while Field Weakening increases the top speed.This controller is 84V rated for 72V (20s) batteries, which makes it extremely reliable at 48V operation with the stock battery.Because every bit of energy mattersAll the algorithms and safety checks are implemented on the control board:168MHz MCU running VESC® firmwareHardware-based overcurrent protectionMagnetic encoder supportSignal conditioningUSB and CANbusBluetooth moduleMil-spec pcb manufactureHaving full control over the software allowed us to internally tune the torque-based pedal assist to achieve the smoothest pedal assist ever seen, implement new fault detection mechanisms and it allows us to fine tune the user experience like throttle response and PAS assist levels. As we did with the bbshd, with more field testing, tuning and user feedback we will extend the current limits and improve efficiency/range and UI with Over-The-Air updates with the built-in Bluetooth interface.VESC® Tool AppThe M600 and BBSHD share the same open source VESC®* software platform we are actively contributing to.Using VESC means that you can have full insight and control of your drive unit, and most importantly that you can be part of a community of enthusiasts that love getting the most out of their electric drives.For more information visit* VESC is a trademark owned by Benjamin Vedder.Real time data can be displayed with the VESC® Android App Configurable power delivery and e-bike settingsThrottle settingsLog on the phone, analyze on the PC, share on the forums!Custom CNC CaseBecause we wanted to house this gem in the most beautiful controller home ever we custom cnc and polish a case out of billet and designed heat sinks that keep this baby cool. We also had the case polished and nickel plated to give this controller the bling and wow factor it deserves.The new M600 Ludicrous V2 is available as an option for our X2 Enduro bikes!Need more info?DOWNLOAD THE USER MANUAL