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Hack for torque?

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    Hack for torque?

    I have a new Addmotor M-350 A front wheel 20" x 4" with the following specs.
    Motor: FM; G060.750.D 08 1

    Model: EB3572A R/B

    Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
    Model: LN-HYYY-13S5P
    13INR19/66-5 48V 17.5AH 840Wh

    The etrike slows from 20 mph to 15 mph going up a gradual incline. I average 2 miles per day. With a total of 200 miles the ceramic 30 amp fuse has blown twice going up a small incline: My 1000 watt ebike maintains the same speed on this same road.
    Can I hack my motor for more torque?
    Or, could I get a 20ah batt with a matching controller? Would that do what I want?


    You might contact Grin technology. They're hub motor experts. One thing they offer is a shot of magnetic oil to help the cooling of hubmotors. Not all motors can use it.


      Hub motors have an RPM per Volt spec. some windings are for torque, some are for speed. But without multiple gearing you don't get both. That motor may be running out of it's comfort zone.