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Cannot connect to BBSHD programming cable

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    Cannot connect to BBSHD programming cable

    I bought a new cable and downloaded the link to the programming tool. It shows the com port but when I click connect nothing happens, it does not recognize my controller. I've uninstalled the program several times no luck, running windows 10 and recognizes the usb-serial CH340 in device manager and says device is working I tried another computer no luck, bought another USB programming cable no luck. I'm stumped any suggestions....I've tried Lunas and Penoffs programming tools.

    The motor CPU is too busy to say anything. You have to unhook motor power and then power it on again. The motor only looks at the program cable when it first powers up. Then it goes off to be an eBike.


    • AZguy
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      Parameter programming is part of the same serial protocol used for data exchange while riding and parameters can be loaded any time the controller is powered, even if it's been powered for a long time and been ridden, it does not have to be done when the controller is first powered

    • stts
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      Hah, yup, I had firmware tool on the brain. The parameter software can be run any time. But they have to have the baud rate and bits set right in the software. Maybe that's the issue.

      Heres a link for connecting and trouble shooting. It appears you have to change ports and drivers when there are connection issues. Give this a go and see if you hit the jackpot.

      How to Program your Bafang Controller - Step by Step Guide (2021) Warning: Using This Software Can Void Your Warranty! ONLY CONTINUE IF YOU ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS! If you own a Bafang mid-drive motor you may want to change a...
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