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  • ProphetZarquon
    commented on 's reply
    No, it doesn't make it like cadence sensing. (For that, you could set all the FullKg values to 1 & *actually* bypass all torque readings.)
    The only effect of leaving BaseVoltage mV blank, is to make the torque sensing feel jerky; especially at low speeds.

  • AZguy
    commented on 's reply
    Not everyone like torque sensing and from my [admittedly scant] understanding this will make it like a cadence sensing

    I'm in the camp of I would do everything I could to eliminate the torques sensing and just rely on cadence sensing, torque sensing just doesn't work well for me


  • ProphetZarquon
    Firstly, everyone please note that BaseVoltage mV should never be left at zero.
    Zero is a blank uncalibrated default value; correct ranges are always above 730mV.
    (On our m620, a setting of 752 mV eliminates any remaining sensor jitter, & 5kg of pedal force now roughly equals 5Kg detected.)

    Secondly, bear in mind that any tuning for PAS 1, will always be detuned for PAS 5 & vice versa.
    So long as each of the twelve PAS modes (0-5 Eco, 0-5 Sport), have a different LimitCurrent% or LimitSpd% setting, any set of Pedal Assist & Torque settings, can only be optimized for one PAS mode at a time: The MaxCurrent%, MinCurrent%, KeepCurrent%, etc, all scale relative to the LimitCurrent% for whichever PAS mode you're in.
    As a result, only one PAS mode can ever be "optimally" tuned, by any given configuration.

    The config we've been riding for most of this year, is configured primarily for optimum pedal feel in PAS 4 Eco, but seems reasonably well calibrated in PAS 2 Eco as well.​

    Our Frey AM1000 v5, has 27.5" wheels with 2.8" wide Maxxis Rekon+ low pressure tires, with the motor driving a 40 tooth chainring, pulling a 1×11 cassette with 42 tooth first gear & 11 tooth last gear. At this 40-to-11 last gear ratio, top speed is limited to approximately 32 MPH by the very rapid pedal cadence. SpeedLimited is set to By Display's Command, & the display is set to a 48 MPH limit, in order to enable greater stability during steep downhills by maintaining steady pressure at the back wheel. In practice, with PAS 2 Eco limited under 188 Watts, top speed does not exceed 15 MPH on flat ground with motor power alone (well within Class 1 & 2 limits, except that the assist does not cut off at higher speeds as is technically required). In PAS 5 Sport, 28 MPH is never exceeded on flat ground unless I am the one riding & I'm pedaling like mad. (My 3×10 speed manual bike with 29er wheels, reaches the same top speeds, at lower cadence but much higher rider effort.

    Since sharing this config, I've also adjusted the spans of each detected torque range (0-5Kg, 50-60Kg, etc), but I consider my most updated settings a work in progress.

    Here is the config as we've used it most of the year:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Frood - 2022-01-18 - Torque.png
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Size:	40.6 KB
ID:	158518
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Frood - 2022-01-18 - Throttle Handle.png
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Size:	32.8 KB
ID:	158519Click image for larger version

Name:	Frood - 2022-01-18 - Pedal Assist.png
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Size:	35.3 KB
ID:	158520Click image for larger version

Name:	Frood - 2022-01-18 - Basic.png
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Size:	35.6 KB
ID:	158521
    Correct values for the BaseVoltage field, are between 730 & 760 mV.
    DO NOT bother tuning the other torque settings, before setting the BaseVoltage.

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  • ProphetZarquon
    commented on 's reply
    I have not experienced this issue, so I have no surefire fix to suggest...
    I take it you've tried rolling through each COM port, & changing the baudrate of the connection (default is 1200)?
    Can you upload a screenshot of what settings are shown, after you click Read?

  • ProphetZarquon
    commented on 's reply
    This video recommends leaving the top section alone. THIS IS A BAD IDEA!
    As mentioned in my above post, the "Base Voltage" mV

    That is 100% wrong for all builds:
    It will cause ANY pedal rotation to read as more than 12Kg of pedal force.
    This doesn't just waste 20% of the torque sensing range, it can be dangerously unsafe.


  • Swenbum
    So I just went through programming my new Z1 and a test ride. Everything is working great and the smooth tune is an improvement. The throttle seems toned down though and I’d like to change some more settings but now once I connect to the motor and read flash for the first time, the read and write buttons grey out and I cannot write any new changes. I saw someone with the same problem on EBR forum just recently but no one responded there. I’ve tried a new download of the tool, different usb ports, and a different PC, the buttons still grey out after the first Read and I cannot write anything new.

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  • ghd
    Originally posted by eBikeaholic View Post
    I just wanted to say thanks for this guide. I was also looking for a more commuter friendly setup. I got my Z-1/Ultra running like my old BBSHD now and it's awesome.

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  • ProphetZarquon
    Well, we've received our Frey ebike, & I can confirm that
    the Base Voltage value should NOT be at zero!

    Bafang ships these motor controllers with the torque sensing uncalibrated.

    ​​​​​The minimum value, at zero pedal force, which these torque sensors can output, is around 732 milliVolts.

    Anything below 730 mV in the Base Voltage field, is wrong.
    Far from a matter of preference, this is literally crippling the torque sensor:
    Set at 0 mV, the first 20% of torque sensing range is thrown in the garbage;
    Under any pedal rotation at all, ~"12 Kg" of pedal force is detected!

    Of course the torque sensing won't work well that way!

    Get a reading from the "TqVoltate" field, with no force on the pedals.
    Add at least +1 or +2 to that value, & apply that total to the Base Voltage.
    Congratulations! You have just calibrated the Base Voltage of your torque sensor.

    Setting the Base Voltage mV to 757 or higher, should prevent any baseline sensor jitter from being detected as pedal torque. (Unless your torque sensor is unusually erratic. If so, seek replacement as this is a safety issue!) ​​​​​
    Last edited by ProphetZarquon; 01-27-2022, 02:02 PM.

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  • Mike_V
    commented on 's reply
    Mind Reader do Tell the future
    Torque Sensor Def: You sweat while pedaling uphill like a donkey.

  • ProphetZarquon
    commented on 's reply
    I haven't been able to find a single guide that calibrates the torque sensor; it's as if no one has even tried. Seems impossible to ever get accurate torque sensing if the ranges detected are all still set to arbitrary default spans that probably aren't very close to calibrated *at* *all*...?!?

    Why does no one use the "TqVoltate" mV readings with a torque wrench or weights ¡or at least their leg force on the pedal! to calibrate the "Delta Voltage" mV ranges which assign the detected pedal force in Kg, if they hate its torque sensing so much?

    All this time spent working on all the OTHER settings to make up for lousy torque sensing, & yet the one group of fields which are definitely there to help calibrate the torque sensor, have only been given cursory guesswork at what the real ranges should be? Are those not the calibration fields!? (Delta Voltage) The live torque sensor readout seems to be available *right* *there*!? ("TqVoltate")

    I'm so confused by these guides, & the lack of real world sensor data reported back by users, so far.

    Am *I* the one that's missing something, or is it kinda everyone else?
    Our new Frey AM1000 is in shipping right now... I guess I might find out?

  • Lewis1
    commented on 's reply
    Feel like a right smeghead....the magnet was not lining up with sensor

  • Lewis1
    I have just had my Frey Ex Befang ultra. I bought cable from Frey. Tried settings you all set in chat but all I get is about 12mph, I just need max of 19-20mph due to UK LAWS also tried throttle off but had to put back and limit speed to 24kph
    I really need help as this will be my main transport due to epilepsy from stress only

    I have changed some settings after reading Biktrix site, but not tested yet
    I have tried many settings from varied sites and youtube but so far still stuck at 12mph and hard pedalling
    Last edited by Lewis1; 03-27-2021, 12:04 PM.

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  • zxhwk
    commented on 's reply
    just make sure your pedal assist is all 100 % look at the charts in one other post i have here

  • Steve--
    Originally posted by Steve-- View Post
    Does anyone by chance know whether or not I can program my ultra max so that the throttle will work from a stand still, without pedaling? The way it is now, I have to get the bike moving first before the throttle will work. Once I'm moving, the throttle will work, even without pedaling, but not from a stand still.

    Any chance you could tell me what setting to change to achieve this?


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  • zxhwk
    commented on 's reply
    Yes you can I did my friends M2s bike for him because he knew nothing about computers that much and did not want to take a chance on messing anything up