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BBSHD and BBS02 how to have the motor cut back power as cadence rises

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    BBSHD and BBS02 how to have the motor cut back power as cadence rises

    Ok, I actually asked this question many times in many places and could not find an answer until today I was sifting through some articles and the answer was there. Let me explain what I wanted to acomplish:
    When pedaling in whatever PAS position as cadence increases and speed increases the pressure on the pedals almost disappears as the motor is outworking you by now. So your options are go up a gear (you end up going even faster which most times on a trail is not what I want). Option two is to drop one PAS level, this works but again I really do not want to have to keep going up and down every 20 feet. What I really want is as cadence increases I want the motor to start sending less power.
    Soo, there is a solution in the programming!!! The Keep Current (%) setting. Drop it from 100 to 60 or 75, and what it will do is when you reach a certain point in cadence or speed the power will drop to 60% of the power setting for that PAS. Also the Current decay should be changed from 8 to like 4 so as for it to know when in the cadence it should cut power. Full disclosure, I am still not the best on the programming and might be explaining some of this a bit off, but these settings do in fact solve my issue. The end result is at a certain Speed/cadence instead of the motor overrunning me it cuts back and I still keep my pedal resistance!!! If I really want more motor again I can up to the next PAS .
    this is the link to the article that helped me. I have read it many times, but as we all start not knowing anything about these settings it is like a new language, as we learn more rereading it brings up new things that were Latin before. I cannot express how happy I am as this was my biggest complaint on the BBSHD, it had me wondering if I should have bought a torque sensing motor or spent the money on a Levo. Now I saw no to both!!! Click image for larger version

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    I have had my BBS02 for almost 2.5 years now and have wanted it to work this way all along. However, when Is configure mine this way, it doesn't work any different. I pedal slow and I pedal at around 100 RPM (pedal cadence) and the motor continues to assist the same amount. Were you able to actually get yours to work differently when you configured it this way, or was it just something you read? I'm wondering if my controller has been faulty since day one.


      It is all in the programming


        Cavi - do you have screen shots of your programming you can share?


          Hi! i try to open my opinion (6500km bbshd) about settings.

          Ive seen many topics about "best settings for bbhsd" . There is not one right settings, one likes fast cadence and another slow etc.

          e motors ALLWAYS like rpm, in this case cadense.
          One most underrated single setup is CURRENT DECAY. It defines at what cadence power starts to ramp down, allso KEEP CURRENT is important.

          I use CURRENT DECAY 6 and KEEP CURRENT 1%
          -lower current number starts to ramp down at lower cadence, and the final point of ramp is keep current.

          With this setup i can pedal fast, but i finally get the cadece where power is ramping down enought to keep pedaling feeling.

          Second very important setting is SLOW START MODE. It defines how fast power will ramp up and how often you have change chains... :) Higher is faster.
          -I have this 5

          Sorry my english.


            that is a link to one of my programming settings for my BBSHD before i went to the Ludi controller