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Help! Error 30 due to programming attempt

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    Help! Error 30 due to programming attempt

    I'm a new BBSHD/ 52V owner in the UK, hoping to use the bike mainly offroad. I've had the new motor kit on the bike for about an hour, and at first attempt at reprogramming I've got into trouble and am now sorely wishing I'd just left it stock.

    This all started when I bought a programming cable off eBay. It connected up fine, then when halfway through updating the second tab (pedal assist) it lost its connection with the controller. It cannot get connection now, and the bike is showing error 30 and going nowhere.

    So I cannot connect to the Bafang software or the reflash software supplied by Golden Motor, which gets to the final stage (writing changes back to the controller) then says connection error, and I have the error code 30 which means the bike is dead.

    What are my options? Preferably not horrifically expensive ones. The bafang kit has done almost nothing on the bike- so everything is brand new. Could I just have a faulty programming cable that worked OK at the start? But has it created issues that a better cable now won't resolve?

    If I can sort the error code and get the bike running as standard, Despite the fact I'm now justifiably terrified of going anywhere near it with a programming cable, I'd still ideally like to be able to change the settings to make it more responsive for singletrack riding. (get throttle working on PAS0, reduce the number of signals to get PAS working again after I've actuated the brake sensors). Also, if possible get it working above its 28 amp limit- (I understand they used to go to 30 amps and are safe to do so) - and generally optimize it better where possible for my 52Volt battery.

    I've seen mention in various places of 'error 30 code due to attempting to reprogram controller', which is clearly what has happened to me, so I'm hoping people on here may have some answers. Is this a common thing? Are there any solutions? Have I fried my controller already?

    If I bought a new stock controller and left it alone would that be likely to fix the issue?

    I was so excited plugging in the cables yesterday and resetting all the values to my carefully researched levels. Was really looking forward to my next ride on a better setup bike. If I'd only known that 5 minutes later I'd have potentially murdered my brand new controller...

    You would not expect issues on a new unit but if you have a bad connection in the main harness connector that can cause the error 30 and since that is how the cable also connects could cause that to be flaky. Maybe look there for any signs of an issue like a broken pin maybe? If no signs of a problem there I would keep inspecting all the wires and connections I can find.


      Had exactly same issue, had new 1000watt bbshd kit, attempted to Change some settings, can’t remember what i did, got the same error. Finally had to replace the controller, I could configure the settings on the new controller. I used the same cable on other bikes without problems. Not sure what I did, just thinking if I had attempted to change max amp setting,


        I fixed it!
        Bafang Error 30 gone, hopefully never to be seen again!
        I used a different cable, the guy I bought the first one off kindly sent a replacement FOC. I also used a different USB port on my laptop. the other USB ports are wobbly (6 year old laptop), so it might not have been the cable after all...
        With the new cable I was able to reflash the controller first try- easy process described in the above youtube video.
        So pleased! Thought I was into a new controller.
        I'm now wondering if I dare change the settings on my reborn controller? I suppose I could reflash it again if I run into the same problems again. Part of me just wants to not risk it and learn to live with the default Bafang settings, at least for a while. It feels so nice and amply powerful anyway- as I'm still comparing it to analog pedalling. I only wanted to make minor changes anyway like get throttle working in PAS0 and get faster response on pedal assist after braking for singletrack speed.
        I see there's another guy on the youtube comments whos fixed his error 30 with this reflash process so it is working for people at least some of the time.


          After getting rid of the error 30 with the reflash, I tried reprogramming the controller again. Another error 30 straight away. Reflashed again and got rid of the error- but don't fancy playing with this again.
          Because my unit is so new this leaves me with the suspicion that Bafang may now have it in the firmware to throw up an error 30 when anybody attempts to change (reprogram) the controller settings.
          I suspect this because of the unremoveable 28A limit that they have also introduced. It's common when companies get bigger for them to protect against warranty claims in this way- stop customers from customising their products in such a way that they can be set up to break themselves.

          it's a shame as part of the reason I went for this kit was to enjoy customising it.


            How about if you change other settings? I would also question changing any settings from the defaults (especially raising the current limit) before you get some ride time in and start to understand what it all does and how you end up using it. The default settings do work well for a lot of people.



              indeed, it seems we have a programming problems with new controllers.
              I did get this same situation but with Eggrider v2.
              My local Bafang dealer did know this issue and it is related to programming attempt, which locks the controller rightaway.
              My long story to try figure out my frustrating fault:

              Weird that there is not any topics about this new controller problems?
              I'm getting my new bbshd for my new build from em3ev (luna is very expensive to order to Finland..) soon, and it should be with 30A controller, dunno if it is old or new.
              Lets see how it reacts to Eggrider, hopefully I didn't buy Eggrider for nothing....

              Good to know that 30H can be re-flashed away, I have one brand new controller with this problem and error. Almost did throw it away but ill keep it as spare, thanks for info :)


                What’s the reflash software, where can I get it? Bit confused with ‘reflash’ software and ‘programming’ software. I think I have the software which I used to change the settings, is the ‘reflash ‘ different to this ? Appreciate any help, thanks


                  When they are talking about the reflash they are speaking of the actual program running on the controller, not just the settings. Pretty sure its done with the programming cable. Not sue where you get it hopefully someone else will answer that.


                    Reflashing is mentioned in first message.
                    You need a programming cable and software from Golden Motor website. I have not done this myself so i don't know more about it.
                    I will try in near future, wiser then.


                      I also have the new version of the BBSHD ,
                      Tried to program it and got the code 30
                      I tried everything including the golden reflash
                      Will not communicate
                      Tried 2 controllers from amazon, both gave code 10 - overheat protection , sent them back
                      Ordered a new controller from luna , works great
                      I read somewhere that bafang has changed the communication to Can bus , that would explain blowing controllers
                      Now I’m afraid to program this one and wreck it
                      Luna controller works great, except for the throttle is too touchy ( jerky ) in low gear
                      I am going to contact them to make sure it is safe to mess with the programming on it


                        Is there a consistent and reliable way to track these motors in terms of production dates, serial numbers, etc.? I have what I would think to be a fairly new production BBSHD that was purchased in April '21 from Bafang I'm thinking pretty much a recent, straight-from-China version...perhaps? My motor has a clearly marked "30A" on it, and when programming it displays a 30A in current limit. The Luna programming cable works perfectly as well as using the download from the Luna site. I've been in and out of the programming several times before achieving a really smooth power delivery ideal for me and technical mountain bike trails. My BBSHD also allows use of the throttle at the same time as pedal assist.

               do we know exactly what model versions, production times, etc. that we as users are actually dealing with on these motors? Is there even a way to realistically find that? indicate you want to program for real, off road, singletrack. Trust me that it is well worth tuning the program to fit your needs, because the "as delivered" power delivery, overrun, and shut-off variables are pretty raw for real trail riding where slamming into trees, rocks, and ledges at inopportune times is no fun...LOL!


                          There is definitely a problem with some of these new controllers , being blocked from being reprogrammed.
                          I got the wife a new bike and ordered a BBSHD kit from China, same ebay seller as my first one .
                          Hooked it all up , and it works great just like the first one
                          She s been rideing it about a month now
                          I get an email from Luna , the Black Box is back in stock , so I order one .
                          I am too chicken to try reprogramming on my laptop after blowing my original controller, I blame myself for some mistake I must have made.
                          I plug the Black Box into my bike ( has luna controller now )
                          It works no problem , I changed settings around, no problem s , pretty cool actually , and so simple
                          So now Im getting brave
                          I plug in the wife’s bike and put in the same program as mine
                          Error code 30
                          Controller is dead ,
                          Beware of the new version china controllers
                          Have a spare , or know where you can get one
                          Luna is out of stock , I have one coming from Golden , will be here tomorrow , it is programable, same as Luna


                          • AZguy
                            AZguy commented
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                            I just posted on another thread that when dealing with chinese suppliers - must use a supplier that has a verifiable track record

                          See the link above on the Golden Motor site for reflashing your controller. You likely do not need another controller, you just need to reflash it. Takes about 5 minutes. Ive learnt to live with my default factory settings now, rubbish though they are. I'm used to hitting the thumb throttle half a second before I need the acceleration now.


                            I was just living with the laggy Bbshd standard power delivery and shutoff on the trail, and the fact that Bafang have limited me to 28amps, despite my 52v BMS and motor being capable of 30 amps all day.

                            But, a guy has popped up on eBay in Manchester in the UK, who for £10 plus postage, will unlock your controller and set it to 30amps. He also makes various changes to the programming to make the power roll in more gradually, but cut it off when you stop pedaling, not a second or so after you stop pedalling. For £25 he'll perform the same operation to a controller that's currently non operational due to a code 30 following a programming attempt on a recent motor (although anyone who reads this whole thread knows they can get rid of the code 30 themselves with the Golden Motor reflash software linked above). I've had to perform these reflashes 3 times! So the software does work. ​​​​​​I'm guessing/ hoping that once he's unlocked it from Bafangs infuriating anti tamper coding, our programming cables and software will then allow us to make our own ongoing tweaks like people can happily do with the older motors.

                            His listing is at

                            I've only got the one controller and it's used daily in my bike (albeit in annoying standard Bafang factory spec), so I'm a bit scared to take the plunge!

                            Is anyone in the UK willing to send a spare controller to this guy and see if he does what is claimed?

                            Perhaps one of the people who replaced their controller in error when they got the Bafang (anti tamper) code 30 following a programming attempt has a spare controller they are up for sending him?

                            In other news I've just picked up a lovely older Orange Patriot full suspension downhill bike. (72mm bottom bracket and no chainstay to worry about). So I'll be unbolting my motor from the £79 Kona Lavadome hardtail that has served me so well so far. With such a more capable bike for the trails, maybe it's time I really try to get rid of these awful Bafang factory settings.


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                              Good chance all he's doing is loading firmware (CRR10E4830E105027.1 is latest I'm aware of) and tweaking the parameters.. Depends on how confident you feel about doing those kinds of things whether you might want to attempt on your own