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Wheel size to 18Inch to trick out the speed on a fat tire bike with BBSHD?

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    Wheel size to 18Inch to trick out the speed on a fat tire bike with BBSHD?

    I am sure some of you guys know this is doable. It's all over the youtube pages for BBSHDs. I got the Luna Galaxy Fat bike(switched out the giant tires with 3.8s) recently with Ludi and have not programmed yet (I have all the stuff to program but have not taken the plunge yet), but wanted to just try speed trick this to see if it works? I swear I read here somewhere to NOT do it on a fat tire bike, but really what what it matter?

    I don't really need it, but man I want to try it. It would be an easy thing to try it seems...just go into advanced on the 500c and change wheel size to 18. and the speed limit in KPH is already 99 on mine. So, this would trick it out to allow me to get maybe 40+ MPH

    I just want to try it, but certainly don't want to break it.

    I'm no expert on these things but I thought that 'trick' was for displays that didn't allow you to change the speed limit and people that didn't or couldn't mess with a programming cable.

    Is this your first E bike and BBSHD? If so I would not mess with anything till you get some miles on it and a real feel for how and what it does now. A stock BBSHD can do damage to itself as well as the bike and rider so no question the ludi can do all that much more efficiently.

    What do you think of the bike and do you have anything to compare it to? I have been looking at them on the site and here and just have not heard much about em.


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      Not my first ebike, but my first mid-drive and BBSHD. I've got 100 miles on it so far. I had a rad bike M600 hub before, but I did all the work on it as far as customizing the bike parts (not programming it). I'm used to the new one at this point for the most part doing road riding at least. I can surely see myself programming it and trying things. I wanted a fat bike more for blasting around, but certainly wanted longer distance. The Wolf battery just isn't cutting it but I know I can get it to do better (currently doing like 29MPH in a higher gear (maybe 9th) with normal slow pedaling (not really working my self to much, letting PAS do it & maybe some throttle) I can get about 15 miles on the battery before it shuts off.

      Other than that (wish I could find a 17 or even 21ah batter for the medium frame) I love it. So, it wont do a "direwolf" in a medium. So, get a large. I am only 5'9". I like being confident on a bike that fits, but I could have rode a large probably.

      I will want a profile for trails also (I can see that), but again my main thing will be cruising (even on dirt roads and beach).

      I really wanted an APEX (and still may do that and have 2 LOL). Still, this bike is really nice (just have to find a battery for distance).

      I am not afraid of programing that's for sure. I do it for living, but still yes I am a noob :).

      I have been reading and reading and reading about the various stuff and have changed a few things (seat post, bars, tires), just for preference (all stuff it had was higher grade parts for sure).

      My focus soon is going to be at least trying to get the program cable connected and laptop to see it all and do a current flash save. I have read enough horror stories about people not even being able to get it boot right...seems cut/dry to me, but that will be my first goal with the software connection to laptop.

      Thanks for the reply!