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Bafang under the control of a smartphone

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    Bafang under the control of a smartphone

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    The new DPC 181 display is equipped with Bluetooth, but the Speed program does not have it yet, but you can connect the smartphone like a computer with a programming cable and it also works.


    Each Bafang BBS xxx can work with a smartphone instead of a dedicated display. It is connected using a programming cable and a USB / micro USB adapter. Interesting that no one is interested in this. Belt level control is from phone screens. Or, you can change Bafang settings on the fly instead of plugging in a laptop.
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      For me once I have the settings right I don't need to change them anymore so changing on-the-fly is only useful for doing the initial tune, after that it has no use at all (admittedly that's my perspective - others may be different)

      Also for me - a mobile phone would make a terrible display... Display is too dim for day time use and they are far from rugged - maybe ok for street only use but definitely not fo the riding I do... long time use of devices on motos has drilled it home that plugging things into a usb port on something that lives on the handlebars will eventually cause the port to fail. Trying to use touch while in motion is darn near impossible best case and a dangerous distraction worst case.

      Frankly I'd like to go the other direction and come up with a set of [three?] buttons that work without any display at all... to me the BBSxx displays are almost entirely redundant so I'd just prefer to get rid of them

      Then again I'm using a big [very rugged and sunlight readable] GPS as my primary display (it has buttons, not touch) that includes pedal cadence, temperature, wheel speed and heart rate sensors and logs. I also have a batt-man that gives me all the battery details and logs. Between the two I can display everything short of the PAS level that I would ever want and PAS level to me is no more important than a gear indicator which I also don't have...

      So while my use case may be very different I think the first point about not needing to keep changing parameters once they are setup and a phone not being a terribly suitable device to put on handlebars might affect most riders

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        Smartphone control - it is interesting because you do not bring a laptop with you, that you do not have problems with the ports, that you can change the parameters almost on the fly - during, for example, a trip - you can adjust the lightning to your needs, you can combine on the pedaling indicators . This revolution is here. Of course, the phone will not be a good display, but after, for example, the display is damaged, it can fully replace it.


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          I just can't see any good reason for changing parameters once they are setup well... I used to think maybe one set would be better for off-road vs. street but after a lot of riding don't see any benefit to a different set

          There is a laptop sitting an a table next to the chargers, tools and what not where I park my bike where my stand is... the tools get used, tires aired, batteries charged, etc... one thing I haven't done in years is plug the laptop in to my bike even though it's silly handy - plugged it in to other folks bikes but not my own... so even with it that easy I'm very confident I would never be bothering with it while out riding

          As mentioned I can see the utility when going through the initial tuning phase but once tuned, just leave it be unless there's some specific behavior to tune, then tune it and be done

          I'm not so sure there's any benefit to problems with ports - definitely not for me since I've never had any problems like that... and although I read of folks with those problems, tried to help them (sometimes with success, sometimes not so sure) I'm skeptical those same folks wouldn't have problems with the phones

          The display for my bike is as easily replaced as a cell phone and at a lot less cost

          I deplore touch on a vehicle, give me buttons - touch is distracting and dengerous... strike three... at least for me (no need/value, more expensive, sucky user interface)

          As mentioned I'd just like to get rid of the display and nothing but a three button control

          I get it that that's my old guy view and other folks, especially the younger set that grew up with screens in their crib and to whom they are like a security blanket will see them as essential... but I ain't one of those (get off my lawn!) =]


        I'm using an egg rider, after reading about it's capabilities, the cost of the cable the decision was a no brainer for me. Not only do I not need to purchase the cable, I can turn my bike on in the garage and program the motor settings sitting on the couch while reading a BBSHD programming thread. I don't use the cell phone for real time data although it does that also. I sometimes look at it during a stop to check some details of the ride (if I want). Its almost statistical overload with all the data the app tracks, I can also read many of them from the tiny display on the bars which is the typical way I check them. If I feel like tweaking something mid ride it's a couple button pushes on the app. I chose that route when buying the motor kit so it wasn't much more than many of the displays $ when you add cost of the programming cable.