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  • Retrorockit
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    I'm guessing I have 5 x 300w steps. So #1 does most of it. #2 covers just about everything else.#3 if I need a fast 1/2 mile or so. If I punch in 4, or 5 (1200-1500W) I will have to take it back out soon anyway, so I just the throttle for that.1500W gets me across busy intersections, maybe 50 yards or so.

  • AZguy
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    I'm all over the place with PAS... typical cruise will be 3-5 of 9 (~180-360W) but I do plenty in 2 (~135W) and can ride all day long keeping it in that range... if I want to keep a good pace going up a hill, ride into a strong headwind or just plain go fun/fast (sport vs. eco? =] ) I'll run 6-7 (~525-740W) but that will burn through the charge... I'll run 8 (~1050W) for short bursts... I do use 1 (~90W) and 9 (~1500W) not at all that often and for very different purposes, but they do get used...

  • Retrorockit
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    I do a lot of my riding at night when there's less traffic. I spend more time than I want to adjusting my lights for various situations. Like you said if I need a little more power the throttle is right there. Basically I'm either trolling along in PAS1, or going 30mph and running for my life on the street. PAS2 takes care of headwinds and hills (overpasses for me). PAS3 lets me keep up with traffic. PAS4,5 I just use the throttle instead. If i stay at those levels the battery goes away too fast.

  • AZguy
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    I'd say we're on the opposite sides here - I like the higher resolution of power settings and greatly prefer having the nine levels... pushing the button is almost no distraction - as suggested I don't even bother looking at the display and if I need immediate change there's always the throttle to control the delivery instantly and precisely

    I just don't see a downside to more levels and if I ever have the time would like to build something that does micro adjustments with an equivalent number of levels that is a couple of dozen... push once for micro step, twice for bigger step, three times for a large step... I've got the design on the back-of-the-envelope so to speak...

  • Retrorockit
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    I'm actually pretty happy with the 5 level PAS. If I want more power I push the buttton once and it's there. Playing around with buttons in traffic isn't a good idea anyway. A little softer level 1 PAS would save my aging battery but that's about it. I tried it as a sub-menu, tried going directly to it from start. I've learned how to access walk assist which would have been useful a couple of times. I don't care about the display either. that's not where my attention needs to be. I've been happy with it for 3 years so why worry about it now.

  • AZguy
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    Maybe Luna can help - sure seems like you should be able to get to the advanced settings

    Either that or get a different display... I've got the C965 with the BBSHD and it does the job, not that I expect much from them... I have *ZERO* use for the color displays that won't go dark at night and are hard to read in the day not that I give a darn what's on the display outside PAS level

    I'd really like a non-display "display" - i.e., just the buttons... or at least one that only displays a very small number for PAS, sorta like a gear indicator but like a gear indicator they aren't important at all (I don't have a gear indicator) and life would be easy enough without...

  • Retrorockit
    commented on 's reply
    No I can't access the advanced menu. My speed limit is 61mph. which supposedly this display won't support. The online manual form Luna is identical to the C961 manual, but my display just says Luna on it, not Bafang C961.Maybe it's set up to only run advanced settings off of the BBSHD motor controller?

  • AZguy
    commented on 's reply
    Can you change wheel size?

  • Retrorockit
    I have a Luna BBSHD with what seems to be a basic Bafang/Luna C961 display. The manual states if I go into the Advanced menu I can get 0-9 levels of PAS. Everything seems normal except there is a custom speed limit which I like. But I can't enter the Advanced menu to try the extra PAS levels. I enter Setup, Then hold + and - while pressing M, 8 times. nothing happens. Any ideas? Does Luna lock these?

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  • NiCForce
    I have A M620 G510 motor with DCP-18, only 5 PAS ECO and 5 PAS Sport, not changeable.

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  • cameramike
    commented on 's reply
    I can verify is the display. Luna display DCP-18 and Egg Rider can change to 5 or 9 levels. Ebay 850C display can’t change.
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  • AZguy
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    The limit of levels is generally dictated by the display (vs. controller) - if you dig in the display setup you may find a setting for number of levels...

  • DrJ
    I’m programming my BBSo2 and find myself limited to 5 PAS levels. I’ve heard mention that some controllers can be modified, but my question is, which control and do I have? Here is a picture of the back of it.

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  • Diggs Ut
    I'm really surprised this thread isn't used more as the user programming is what makes the BBHSD really stand out from other systems. I see some screen shots but the actual files themselves are text based and can be typed, edited, posted and copied for exchange.

    My bike is an ancient 27" Ross 10-speed with a huge 26" frame. It's an upright country cruiser and I top out at close to 7' tall when riding it. It has a 52/14 highest gear (Leckkie ring up front) that it pretty much stays in most of the time. It runs dual 52v parallel battery packs with 27ah total onboard.

    What I really like about the BBHSD programing is that it can be programmed with a "cruise control" so-to-speak. My favorite long distance travel speed/cadence is 15 mph. That's programmed (as a percent) as my #3 assist level with a maximum of 550 watts PAS. Above 15 mph and PAS quickly tapers off. Below 15 mph and PAS quickly brings on the assist up to 550 watts. It's ideal for my style of riding. I pedal up a rise or hill in the road and the PAS comes on as needed. I head down the backside and although I'm not coasting the PAS tapers off to nothing as I exceed 15 mph. It's perfect for my long distance country cruising. I have 5 different speeds and assist levels programmed for different situations but 80% of my riding is done on level 3.

    1. 12 mph, 130 watts
    2. 13.5 mph, 350 watts
    3. 15 mph, 550 watts
    4. 19 mph, 750 watts
    5. 100%
    My .el file looks like this -

    [Pedal Assist]
    [Throttle Handle]

    I've attached my .el file. (The file just needs to be renamed without the .txt)

    Attached Files

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  • vtdownhiller
    Anyone have the link for the programming for a Bafang Ultra?
    It has torque settings as well I can't find it..

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