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BBSHD programming

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    Ok, i get it too. It sounds like you chose pack size carefully and appropriately, then. Short range but occasional high performance as desired, when you have a decent charge level. That's a smart way to set up a system for your described usage, I think. Good boost, and you can still get full range, riding easy, when you want it.
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      Hi All!

      Great thread! I just got done building a Bikes Direct Fat Bike with the BBSHD. I'm kinda just getting back into it after years (i bought a Trek Rosco 8 that I do not intend to electrify), but i plan to light trail ride, maybe some roads to get to my trails - which actually aren't too bad around my area - some decent singletracks.

      Anyway - i wanted to get your thoughts on these settings. My goal was to combine the best of (BOTH) the Limitless .el file as well as the JPLabs relaxed. So 1-4 is a scaled down version of JPLabs, while 5-9 are Limitless (ish), so i can get the best of both without flashing back and forth.

      I also used the Limitless pedals and throttle, except making throttle go by speed. And you'll notice in the other settings - basic, i never quite get to 100/100 because i feel i can always throttle it if i need it.

      Anyway - just wanted some opinions and/or if there's anything to be careful of with these settings? If they're good, i'll share the .el for convenience.


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        Here's a pic of the (awesome/fun) project bike. I'm 6'7" and that's a 22" bike. She's not small! Lol. I almost wish I went a tad smaller, but she does "fit". I think I just prefer the lowered top tubes like my XXL Roscoe.

        In case you're wondering, that's actually a Jumbo Shark battery from a competitor to Luna, but the kit and of course the decals came from Luna. I was sad when the battery showed up naked, so I ordered the decals from Luna.
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          Nice build