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I rode 50 miles today

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    I rode 50 miles today

    Hello All

    I wanted to share my most current settings that I've been playing with. This may or may not help anybody but I was able to ride 50 miles today with this programming and still end up with 56% battery left. My goal in doing this was to try and find a programming that fit my riding style and the mileage I wanted to ride. I live in Colorado and I ride a MUP trail called the Mary Carter Greenway trail a lot. It is mostly flat but has some hills if I veer off on to different trails. My goal is to find a versatile programming that I can use to ride as far as I want without having range anxiety and still have fun and get a little exercise too. I started by using the limitless.el settings (thank you) and tweaked those to come up with my settings. I have to do some tweaking but I think I found what works for me. I will post pics of the Settings and the Garmin Connect screenshot. Sorry for the length so here goes.

    First, a little background on my rig:

    Bicycle: Giant Roam 2 w/ BBSHD 1000w
    Battery: 52v 13.5ah
    Drivetrain: 9 speeds, 11-34 rear cassette, stock 46T front chainring
    Tires: 700c x 35
    Tire Pressure: 75 psi, front and rear

    And here are the ride details:

    Start Voltage - 58.3 - 100%
    End Voltage - 52.3 - 56%
    Assist 1- 75% of ride
    Assist 2 - 15% of ride
    Assist 3- 10 % of ride (Mostly on hills)
    Temperature - Very Hot!

    Man I wish I could get out as much as some of you guys. Gonna finally hit the trails this weekend, so stoked :)


      Hi Luv2ebike, is it possible to upload that .el file for us?

      (In fact wouldn`t it be a good idea if the forum had a `Downloads` area for all ebike related stuff like this?)


        Congrats on the mileage but if I run below assist 3 I feel like I am wasting a perfectly good motor and battery.


          Thanks everyone. I'm attaching my .el file, but I'll be tweaking it to get more fun out of it. I may have a different version by next week. But play around with it and have fun.

          I agree max_volt, I like to to use the motor too. That's the whole point, Right? This was more of a test to see if it was possible. I'm riding in the 50 mile leg of the Denver Century this weekend and I wanted to take this bike on the ride. I normally ride between 30 and 40 miles. My butt was hurting after this long one. Don't think I'll do that again after this weekend :) This gave me some confidence that I wouldn't run out of juice in the middle of my adventures :) and still be able to play around with the throttle and higher PAS settings.

          Thanks for an awesome forum everyone!

          Happy Riding!
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