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Jerky / delayed throttle response if pedaling

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    Jerky / delayed throttle response if pedaling

    I have the BBSHD luna kit (came with hot rod programming) w/ twist throttle.

    Can anyone help diagnose why I am getting jerky throttle response while pedaling? It seems to happen on any PAS setting including 0.

    Factory settings had a fairly jerky throttle response pedaling or not, and I was able to smooth the no-pedaling response by changing "Start Current = 3" and "Speed Limit = 40 / 24.9". However, I haven't been able to figure out why it would still be jerky once I start pedaling.

    All other settings match Luna's factory hot rod profile

    Any help / suggestions welcome Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: thought I would mention, I have read through the hacker's guide and the 18 page thread on programming in their entireties
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    Somewhat answering my own question, hopefully it's okay to post links to other websites here (some forums are not cool with it)

    It appears this might be the fix I am looking for:

    I am guessing my BBSHD has a faulty controller?


      I applied the hack outlined in #4 here which disables PAS and that has totally fixed my problem. I will probably eventually get around to the fix linked in my first post, which will allow PAS to run as well.

      Kind of surprised Luna doesn't make this change by default. The throttle response of the BBSHD kits they are selling is not going to be good without the customer making custom hacks. Luckily, electronics and tooling don't scare me at all so this was a breeze. But for most customers, they are probably stuck with a throttle response that is sub par. Also I should note, this is not any fault of Luna's but only due to poor OEM quality control from Bafang. So, not in any way pointing fingers at Luna but just more surprised that they are on top of it from the get-go since they have so many good mods out of the gate already.