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Controller instantly fried when connecting programming cable

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    Controller instantly fried when connecting programming cable

    God fucking damnit, brand new BBSHD and a brand new bike used for 30 min and I decided I would connect this programming cable I got from eBay to change some PAS-settings.

    Instantly fried it when I connected the cable. Fucking perfect.

    Idk what happened or why but if anyone got any advice on how I can fix this without waiting for a new controller that would be great... I could really use this bike done 'till monday as I've spent so much time and money on getting this done ASAP, and now... Man this bike has caused me alot of headache.

    Sorry for my rant. I'm just very upset.

    Huh... it might actually be the battery thats fried. It seems to be dead.
    Or it could be both I guess.

    Will have to check with a voltmeter...

    EDIT: Nevermind, the battery seems fine I'm just being stupid... The controller smells like badly burnt toast on the other hand
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      Only small tip I can offer is to look inside the connector and make sure you didn't bend any pins. I did that once and it wouldn't work until corrected.

      If they are all OK then yes, maybe it's fried. Small chance, worth a look if you didn't.

      Sorry for your misfortune! I know how frustrating those setbacks can be...
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