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Phaserunner/ BBSHD programming

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    Phaserunner/ BBSHD programming

    Just got my phaserunner installed, and shocked at the amount of fine tuning available. I am currently running on the "auto-tune" programming at 58v and only increased the current slightly to 35amps. That was done due to the phaserunner not liking a "mere" 30 amps. Anyone here running their BBSHD with a Phaserunner? what voltage and currents? What did you use for the field weakening entries? How hard do you push it? This is a road cruiser, no off roading or rock climbing for me. Just looking to get the most torque and speed possible out of a BBSHD as possible without catching the bike on fire. Any help appreciated.

    hi im trying to do the same thing
    can you help me
    thanks troy