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    BBSHD programming suggestions

    I have a BBSHD from Luna that they set up for 1500 watts

    I connected to the controller and saved my stock settings and then I took some screen shots of the stock settings that Luna set

    I have the motor set to 9 PAS steps which I like, but would like to fine tune the PAS power steps

    Even after reading several programming guides on the web, the settings seem a bit confusing to me

    I do all off road riding and do not use the throttle, only PAS
    I mostly use PAS 2, 3 and 4 when riding off road by myself

    (1) The walk mode is way too slow
    The walk mode seems to be about 1 mile per hour or less?
    I would like to set it to my actual walking speed in MPH
    I some times have to push the bike up non ride able technical stuff

    Q - Can the walk mode speed be increased to something like 2 or 3 MPH?

    (2) I would like to fine tune the PAS levels at a certain wattage output
    When I ride with regular mountain bikes, level 2 is fine for flat sections
    Level 3 is too fast on hills , but fine for when I ride by myself

    So for example,
    PAS 1 max output is 50 watts
    PAS 2 max output is 100 watts
    PAS 3 max output is 200 watts

    Q - How would I set the PAS levels for a certain wattage output or certain MPH?

    I uploaded the 3 screens for how my Motor is currently programmed by Luna

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stock_Basic.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stock_Pedal_Assist.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stock_Throtte.png
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    This is exactly what I'd like to be able to do as well. I feel level 2 provides way to much assist and levels 3 thru 5 are unusable. I really want to lower the output of levels 2 thru 4. I'd leave level 5 alone even though it is crazy. Searching for someone in Oregon to help.


      first off try and run one of the limitless programs. then from there you can up or down the individual PAS levels to suit. if the jump from 3 to 4 is too high and 3 feels good then drop 4 and 5 a bit and try it out. Keep working it until you reach what you like. I feel that the stock programming is way too big of jumps. and having the sped % set to 100 also removes the jerkyness.


        This is the steps I run (geometric progression instead of linear) and it works super duper for me and some others I have setup

        Click image for larger version

Name:	PASlevels.png
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          This is intuitively understandable - resistance increases with speed and cadence increases - speed increases to the limit of 100%, while gear ratios change. And what would the Speed Limit% table look like in this case?


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            And what about the term - I understand that there is no moment when the engine stops supporting ...

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            There is a moment when you can't keep up with the pedals after the engine.

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            If the pedal cadence is getting too high I upshift