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New BBSHD 'Locked' at 28A? DPC-18 Not showing full battery

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    New BBSHD 'Locked' at 28A? DPC-18 Not showing full battery

    Hey All

    Recently got my second BBSHD up and running on a 2012 Giant Anthem Med (Battery mount was a pain!) Purchased Sep 2019 from Aliexpress.

    I plugged in my programmer to check out the stock programming as it is definitely different to my unit from mid 2017. The PAS levels out of the box are much saner than last time, and there is 9 of them, I don't think I need to change them.

    However, I can't change the max current above 28A, and the DPC-18 is not showing 100% SOC on my 48V battery after charging. Almost as if the unit is hard coded to 52V? The voltage is also a bit wonky for a Charged 48v pack. I double checked and the battery is labelled 48V. Any advice here?

    Thanks for any advice. Cheers.
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