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27PLUS Fantom 27.5PLUS PRO BBSHD Build

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    27PLUS Fantom 27.5PLUS PRO BBSHD Build

    I just completed this build and its awesome. I chose this bike because of the elevated chainstay, so ZERO interference with 27.5 x 3" tires and a perfect (as in same as stock)
    chain line using the Liekkie 42T ring. BB is 73mm BSA so the standard BBSHD with no shims fit perfectly. I fabbed a special Stainless Steel bracket that attached to one of the downtube water bottle bolts and used a large SS hose clamp to secure motor tight against frame and stake the stress off the motor mounting plate. (I'll post a sperate pic).
    The only thing that had me nervous was the battery fit.. I made a template before ordering, and it was only about 3mm clearance at the tightest point without the bag. Yes, I had to cram it in there, but it's tight fit is actually a plus, it's not moving!
    First ride on it was amazing and with zero problems. I may teak the program settings a bit, but I'm at a really good starting point.

    I REALLY recommend this frame due to the elevated chainstay on the drivetrain side. My frame size was an 18.5 and will say any smaller battery fit will be a problem. Shark style would not fit in this frame, except the magnetic mount one and that was still iffy. I wanted the largest capacity possible and the triangle batt was the ticket.

    Here are the specs:

    BBSHD 68-73 30A
    KMC 12 speed chain (old one was SRAM)
    Lekkie 42T chainring
    Lekkie crank arms
    EM3EV 20ah triangle battery
    Hydraulic brake sensors
    Left thumb throttle
    Shift Sensor
    Eggrider V2 display

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Good job on the Fantom Build Raybo! You averted any chainline issues by not going with the Boost axle's . Enjoy!

      My Fantom is 2018 and 11 speed, can you still make all 12 speeds with the Lekkie 42T?

      What length of Lekkie crank arm did you go with?
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        Thanks CC. It actually does have boost axles, it's the elevated chainstay on the drivetrain side that eliminated the need for shims or any clearance issues. I actually saw your build posted here and was going to do the exact same build, but BD did not have that frame in stock. I came across this one and the non-issue with chainstay clearance and it was perfect. Tight triangle though for batteries.

        I can make all 12 speeds no problem. It shifts as smooth as it did before any changes. The Lekkie 42 put the chain line within 1mm of where it was with the original human power only crank. I have SRAM Eagle components and ditched the SRAM eagle chain and went with a KMC chain - longer to make up for the change from 30T original to 42T. I have read in other forums that the SRAM eagle 11 & 12 speed chain does not behave well with the lekkie, but KMC does. The Lekkie "officially" is only supposed to work up to 11 speed but I have zero problems.

        I went with the 170 crank arms. I almost went with the 160's for clearance, but this is a heavy bike now with the big battery and the BBSHD. Went from 35lbs stock to 60lbs.


          Nice to hear that you have no problems with the 12 speeds, others certainly have. I agree the KMC 'e' chains are a definite upgrade. Congrats on the successful build.