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My first build! 2007 Gary Fisher Cobia 29er BBSHD

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    My first build! 2007 Gary Fisher Cobia 29er BBSHD

    Here is my 2007 Cobia BBSHD. It took me a few months (mostly waiting for various parts and tools to roll in as I discovered a need for them)

    My goal was to e-power my old commuter mtb and sex it up a little. I sort of regret getting the 73-100 bb size motor (the bike has 73mm bb and that was a LOT of space too make up with spacers) but I am being philosophical about it. I will probably take it off in the future and slap it on a fat bike.

    I decked it out with 3M reflective vinyl wrap to hide all the scatches and janky Gary Fisher decals.

    Replaced the original crappy mechanical disc brakes with used Magura hydraulics. Replaced the original 3x8 shifter and derailleur with 1x9 Box 2 components.

    I really enjoyed the process, and it wasn't easy. Considering what I spent in parts for the rebuild and tools, I honestly could have just bought a new bike from Luna Cycle, but then I wouldn't now own my own mini bike workshop and I wouldn't have learned how to work on my own bike.

    This thing is ridiculously powerful.

    If you have any questions hit me up!

    (Sorry the bike is a little splattered in the photos. It's been rainy but I couldn't wait too ride.)
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    Looks good. How did you pair down all the cords for the brake sensors and display. I have a jumbled mess of extra cord on the front of my bike.


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      Interesting question. I didn't think my bike was all that clean cord-wise, but as far as why I dont have a lot of extra cord jumbled up in the front, I can think of the following possible reasons:

      1) It's a large 29er frame, which for a moutainbike means more tubing and distance to travel. I made sure the cords all travelled along the top tube, and not the down tube, so they all had longer to travel (first they had to go up the seat tube and then across to the front.)
      2) Its a 1x9, so there is no front shifter cable
      3) I made sure to cut the rear derailleur cable enough when I installed the gear sensor.

      By going along the top tube you can see how all the plugs just end right at the head tub and can't't go any further.

      Hopefully that helps?