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2013 trek rumblefish 29er full suspension. Bbshd

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    2013 trek rumblefish 29er full suspension. Bbshd

    Just completed retrofitting mid-drive BBSHD on a 2013 TREK RUMBLEFISH FULL SUSPENSION

    Items Used:

    BBSHD 100mm
    PF-41 bottom bracket adapter
    LUNA eclipse chainring 42T
    Brake sensor
    Shift Sensor
    WOLF V2 52V battery
    300W Charger

    Time to Build - approximately 3 hours
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      I just bought a rumble fish on Craigslist for a conversion candidate. How are you liking it and do you have any tips or tricks for install or was it a pretty easy conversion. I’m looking at the exact kit you bought. I thought I was going to be able to use the wolf v2, but after measuring I think I may have been wrong about the size. I have the 19 in version of this bike. Is there much room left for you batter in the 21 inch version. It looks like it’s pretty tight.
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        I am not sure about the 19 inch. Use the template to see if the wolfpack fits. I removed the rear shocks, attached the battery and then reinstalled the shocks. I used aluminum shims to raise it above the cable guides. I removed the front derailleur. You can also install the wolfpack below the downtube - there are water bottle bolt holes for the battery attachment - so the wolfpack would sit below the tube where my battery sits.
        The install was very straight forward
        I also replaced my chain with a KMC e10 speed for heavy duty ebikes
        Let me know if you have any other questions

        any when you are all done, you can change the upper speed limit from 18 mph to 37 mph


          Hello Zephyr and Igneous,

          I want to convert my 2013 Trek Rumblefish 21 inch to electric.

          How did the BBSHD work out for you on your Rumblefish?

          Thanks so much in advance.



            This looks like a very similar frame to my 2012 Superfly AL 100 Elite. I wonder what the differences are between our 2 bikes... I hope to start the conversion here in the next month maybe 2 at the most. Can you post some more pictures of clearances and your chain line? Are you having any issues with the conversion? What gears do you normally use on the cassette? I am already expecting to have chain line issues...

            Heres a stolen pic of a 2012 Superfly like I have (I dont have a pic here on my work computer).
            Click image for larger version

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