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    Yesterday (Sunday) turned out to be a beautiful day, not a drop of rain and fairly cool... But the forecast (60% to 80% chance of rain showers all day) caused me to make other plans and I didn't charge my battery Saturday evening. I will try to get out this evening.


      What did you think of the Maxxis Ikons? Early on in the tire shopping I had them high on my list but I was worried about wear.


        The Ikons were pretty noisy. Not studded or Surly Nate noisy but walkers often could hear me coming. I didn't have them side by side with the stockers but I think they were maybe slightly louder. I also think they were a harsher ride compared to my Big Apples or the ET's but that could be a size thing. The Apples are 2.35's and the Ikons are 2.2 so what 5/32" difference? For the fractionally impaired that is between 1/8 and 1/4" or 4mm. You would not think that big a deal so more about the design of the tire? Wear I'm not sure. I got them used and they for sure are showing wear. I never put enough miles on them to really gauge how they were wearing.


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          I wasn't sure how much time you had on them.

        I only got a very short ride in yesterday, about a mile. They feel smoother in a straight line is about all I can say. They do have a more confident feel on hard pack with gravel surface as well as on loose gravel on asphalt. Hopefully I can get out for a good long ride this weekend.

        I'm really interested to see how well these tires side climb, like when you drop off the asphalt onto the soft shoulder and want to get back on the asphalt. The stock tires didn't side climb well but they also wouldn't shoot the tire away from the edge either. I tend to ride close to the asphalt edge a lot. In PA motorists are required to give a cyclist 4 feet of distance while passing. Some do, many don't.


          Well I got out for a ride yesterday, the weather was great.
          I mostly just rode the local bike path.
          I did take the bike along the local cross country running course on the way to the bike path.
          The CC course has a muddy trail to access it, peanut butter consistency mud.
          The tires weren't great in that mud. Really no different than the stock tires. On damp roots they seem fine.
          On loose rock they worked good as well.
          On the road they are quieter and smoother. The harmonics in the grips is much reduced.
          I rode with these at 25psi front and rear so not super soft. But I will try 30psi with them because the thicker/stiffer tread casing seems to absorb shocks. At 25psi the ride over bumps was much smoother vs the stock tires at the same psi.
          I will also try 20psi to see how they handle curb impacts with lower pressure.
          They handle climbing onto asphalt from a soft shoulder pretty well, better than the stock On the local paved bike trail there are patches of loose river rock from recent flooding. 1 1/2" diameter was about the biggest.
          I rode the trail from the trail head in my city to the other end in Ohio. I had lunch and explored the local area. Then I headed back.

          Overall my ride was only about 25 miles so not enough to gauge how they will affect range. But comfort wise they exceeded my expectations. The stiffer tread casing acts like a shock to dampen the sidewalls spring effect. The stock tires were all spring.
          I will be going with 30 psi the next time I ride.


            The next ride will likely have to wait a while.

            While goofing off on the acoustic mountain bike Saturday evening I had a crash and got banged up pretty good. Sore and scraped knee, sore wrist, sore toes and a sore chest. Nothing broke but I can assure you that dislocating and relocating ribs violently hurts, just not as bad as breaking them.
            The sprained wrist was the most part.
            It's been 2 days and everything has already improved a lot.
            I landed on my shoulder and felt a huge pop, I immediately thought it had to be my collar bone or clavicle. Luckily it was only a dislocated rib. I have had ribs dislocate before but never out and back in violently like this, or in the front like this.
            But the good news is I was wearing my helmet and it didn't get a scratch. I'm still not sure how I managed that.
            The funny part is that as soon as my shoulder hit I had time to think "wow that was soft", then my weight and momentum caught up and the huge pop occurred..


              Finally back to riding. Went out yesterday and got 30 miles from home and contrary to my weather app I got rained on.

              I did run the tires at 30psi and the ride wasn't too bad but because I took a route that I've never rode before I have no idea if it had any effect on range. I started on a 54.6v charge and when I stopped for the rain it was at 47.8v. Not bad for a 30 mile ride with a lot of climbs.
              I am happy with how efficient these tires pedal.
              I'm considering replacing the seat though, with the tires at 30psi the seat was comfortable for about 25 miles. I think for the next ride I'll put the Schwinn cruiser seat on and see how it feels.

              In other news I finally got a bike bell. My last ride on the rail trail was pretty crowded and I had to verbally announce my intention to pass at least one person in each group. A few even looked over their shoulder and still stayed side by side, once the person on the right looked over at me and didn't say anything to their partner on the left. Hopefully the bell helps...


                Not a lot too much riding recently and the few rides I have done the bike has just worked which is nice. After my last flat tire adventure with the 2.5 tires and the 1.x-2.4 tubes that seemed thin to start with I have been afraid of the bigger than 2.35 tires. Was in a local shop on the last day of the month taking advantage of my 20% off one time membership discount with a Park spoke tension meter and at the checkout staring at the wall of Bontrager tubes on the wall asked if they had anything that started around a 2.5 in a 29er.

                Not sure why I had asked, I had asked before at another location of this local chain and the guy there told be I was crazy and they put 2,0 tubes in 5.0 tires all the time. I had also thought I had searched every possible tube on their site. Guy reaches down under the counter and pulls out a Bontrager Fat series 29x 2.5-3.0 and says this what you are looking for? It only comes in presta but otherwise is exactly what I wanted. Its probably 2-3 times heavier than the normal 1.7-2.4 tube and cost about 1/3 more at $19.99 but I think will do the trick.

                I have not installed them yet so I'm not sure if they will fit in anything smaller than a 2.5 but I expect they should be great for the 2.5 or 2.6's.


                  I wouldn't hesitate to use that size in a 2.35 tire.
                  I haven't got a lot of rides in since the crash. I did get one long 50+ mile ride and a few short ones in. But I have aggravated the rib injury twice while working so I've been trying to lay off any strenuous extracurricular activities. And my rotator cuff has been giving me trouble lately. Neither issue gives me any discomfort while riding, but I have to avoid any situations where I have to carry or even pick the bike up.
                  The wife and I spent a week in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee so that eliminated two weekends of riding. There is a really high ferris wheel in Pigeon Forge and while on it I spotted an REI store so on our last day I stopped in to see what their bike selection looked like, but the bikes were all hanging up high so I didn't bother... Their accessory selection was minimal and most was overpriced. All of their tires were hanging on one hook. But the high note was they had just started carrying Park Tools and they seemed to have a good selection of the consumer grade tools. So I grabbed a tube patch kit and the cheap chain wear indicator. I wish they had the adjustable torque driver and some Sram Butter.
                  So with my newly acquired chain wear indicator I couldn't wait to get home and see what it had to say about my 600+ mile chain. It just barely fit in on the .5% side. So I will be shopping for a new KMC X8 chain, hopefully I can find one... Maybe it will hold out to 1,000 miles. But I'll keep an eye on it and replace it as soon as the tool fits in on the .75% side. I also need to correlate the results of my prior measurement method with what the tool measures.

                  On labor day the wife and I went out with another couple to ride a rail trail and we managed to get a 22 mile ride in. I only used one volt to do it, most of the time I had the assist at 0. I think next weekend or the one after we're all going to Presque Isle on Lake Erie to ride the trail around the peninsula. It's supposed to be a 13.5 mile loop so maybe I can get them to do more than 1 lap to make the 100 mile drive worth it, three laps would make me happy. But neither of them have ridden much in a few years.

                  I have replaced the stock Axum seat with my big, soft, Schwinn cruiser seat. For the first 600 miles the stock seat was good for up to a 50 mile ride before any discomfort but lately it's to the point that I'm sore after 25 miles or so. This seat is big and bulky but it's comfortable.


                    Can anybody tell me if the graphics on the Schwinn Axum frame are stickers or are they painted on the frame? I am talking about the big "Schwinn" on the downtube for example.

                    Thank You


                    • Dshue
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                      It's a decal of some sort that is clear coated over.

                    • 73Eldo
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                      I kinda lightly picked at mine and it does seem to be coated. I can't tell for sure if its a decal or stencil, you can feel an edge.

                      If you want to remove it you must have a 2020 DP that is blue? The 2020 non DP's black color you really have to look at it to see the black name on the charcoal black paint.

                    • Dshue
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                      I believe all Schwinn graphics these days are vinyl. I would caution against trying to peel them off unless you are prepared to sand and repaint the frame. There is a very good likelyhood of paint coming off with the decal. Often the vinyls adhesion to the paint is better than the paints adhesion to the aluminum.