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My Vitus Dee VR 29 3 speed Nexus IGH

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    My Vitus Dee VR 29 3 speed Nexus IGH

    Having taken inspiration from others I have just built my first ebike that will be used for my daily commute. The motor is the BBS02 that went in without much issue save the need to file away part of the bottom bracket with a dremmel so that the motor would slide in.

    I will couple this to a 17.5ah battery that is, unfortunately, on a slow boat from China. I am also waiting for a custom length wiring harness as the stock item is ridiculously long.

    I am also fitting a rear rack and will be running lights off the integrated circuit in parallel. I appreciate they won't be very bright, but at least I'll always have them available. The same goes for the Dutch style lock. This bike will never be left locked for long periods other than at work, where bikes are locked in a cage and guarded by 24hr CCTV.

    I have also installed the XLC Antishock stem and seatpost to cut down on vibration as there is no suspension fork. Having said that the bike is shod with 47c tyres and I weigh under 80kg so will see how she rides in the fullness of time.

    I am proposing to run the rear light cable up under the mudguard secured to 3m automotive tape. Does anyone have any experience of attaching a cable in this way? The alternative idea is to use hot glue.

    Ps so glad I got a 42t Lekkie Bling Ring - only just fits and the chain line is perfect. Can wait to give it a go...
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      Battery arrived and the bike is now fully complete. Spins up to 36 mph on the thumb throttle but will be interested to see how it does carrying and extra 80kg


        I'm expecting a first ride review soon or is that still not allowed in your area?

        Whats the brake setup? Some sort of hydraulic rim deal?


          Vitus Dee VR City Bike 3 Speed Nexus IGH (2021)

          Frame and Fork
          Frame: Vee, 6061-T6 Aluminium, Mudguard Mounts, Rack Mounts, QR
          Fork: Vee, Hi-Ten Steel, 1 1/8" Steerer, Mudguard Mounts, QR
          Bottle Cage Mounts: Single
          Cable Routing: External
          Mudguard Mounts: Yes
          Rear Rack Mounts: Yes

          Groupset Manufacturer: Shimano Nexus
          Number of gears: 3
          Motor: Bafang BBS02b 750w
          Battery: Hailong 42 V, 17.5 AH
          Display: 850C
          Chainring: Lekkie Bling Ring 42T
          Chain: KMC B1 Wide, Anti-Rust Treatment
          Cassette: Shimano, 18T

          Wheels & Tyres
          Wheel Size: 29" (622)
          Tyres: Schwalbe Land Cruiser Plus, 29" x 47mm, Puncture Guard, Twin Skin

          Rims: Vitus Shining, DC20, 29er, Double Wall, 32 Hole, Disc
          Front Hub: Shimano, HB-TX505, 32 Hole, QR, Centre Lock
          Rear Hub: Shimano Nexus 3 Speed, Internal Hub Gear, 32 Hole, Centre Lock
          Derailleur: Front: N/A; Rear: Shimano Nexus Internal Hub Gear, 3 Speed

          Brakes: Shimano MT400 Hydraulic Disc, BL-MT400 & BR-MT400, Resin Pads; Rotors: Shimano SM-RT30, 160mm
          Brake Callipers: Shimano MT400 Hydraulic Disc

          Finishing kit
          Grips: Ergon GS1 Single Twist Shift
          Handlebars: VITUS 6061 Aluminium Flat Bar, 6 Degree Backsweep, 660mm Width, Bar Bore 31.8mm
          Stem: XLC Antishock Aluminium, 31.8mm x 80mm Length, +/- 6 Degree
          Seat Post: XLC Antishock Aluminium, 27.2mm x 400mm
          Stem Cap: Nukeproof Garmin Mount
          Saddle: Nukeproof Neutron
          Mudguards: SKS ALU 55
          Rear Rack: Giant Rack It, Deuter Pannier Set
          Frame Lock: AXA Block XXL
          Front Light: AXA Blueline 30
          Rear Light: AXA Riff
          Mirrors: Zefal Dooback II Mirrors (Left and Right)

          Other Specifications
          Model Year: 2021
          Bike Weight: Medium: 25.25kg
          Commuter: Yes

          Bike Build:
          The only issue I had building the bike was the necessity to file out the bottom bracket between the threads with a Dremmel to get the motor to slide in. Once in, the BBS02 fits well against the bottom bracket without pinching the gear cable that I was able to push to one side. There was also room to run the main Bafang harness between the bottom bracket and the motor. The chain line with the 42t Lekkie Bling Ring is not compromised, but due to the chain stay shape, I doubt a bigger chainring with fit.

          To complement the build, I also invested in a custom length wiring harness from e-Bike Technologies in Germany. The product and service provided are both top notch and I think it was worth the investment to give the bike a clean ‘manufactured’ look.

          I also added the Gear Sensor as the internal hubs are delicate on the inside and Shimano warns against shifting under load!

          To turn the Vitus into an all year-round commuter, I installed front and rear headlights running in parallel off the Bafang motor. The lights are very effective for 6 volts and I love the auto light sensing option afforded by the 850c, although I need to change the sensitivity setting on the controller as the lights keep switching off every time I ride under a street light.

          As this bike does not come with a suspension fork (I didn’t want one) I installed the XLC TransX Antishock Stem and Seatpost as these are a good compromise at reducing some of the vibration.

          SKS ALU 55 mud guards were added and fit perfectly between the forks and stays. They also look pretty good in their matte black anodised finish.

          This look is also carried over to the Giant Rack It rack, also finished in matte black. The only issue I had here was with the position of the adjustable rack arm that offered three positions of adjustment. Currently The locking screw sits outside the tube but luckily the diameter of the washer screws down over part of the tube, thus holding the rack firmly in place.

          I also fitted the Hebie centre stand and whilst it does hang down quite low, it hangs high enough so as not to be grounded when bunny hopping over kerbs. Given that the back wheels sit off the ground, this also affords an easy way to fix and motor/chain/gear related issues with consummate ease.

          For safety, a pair of Zefal Dooback II bar end mirrors were added, as I often find myself overtaking cars on the right in slow moving rush hour traffic.

          Finally, the bike was fitted out with the AXA Block XXL Dutch style frame lock, attached to the frame with the additional fittings that can be purchased separately.

          The only thing I would potentially change with the current build is the position of the battery as this is governed by the location of the bottle bosses on the frame and I was not willing to insert additional Rivnuts at this time, but I think the aesthetics and weight distribution would be enhanced by moving the battery closer to the seat tube. As an alternative, I am considering the Topeak ‘Unisex's Alt Position’ Cage Mount, but the downside here is that it will lift the battery even further above the frame. For added security, the battery is also currently attached with two strong cable ties at the top.

          First Impressions
          WOW, just wow! This is a great e-Bike. I am really impressed with the build quality. The brakes work very well and the ride, on its 47c tyres, is smooth and the bike feels very solid.

          Having added additional Moly before installing the motor, it is whisper quiet in operation and will, in standard programming mode, hit 30 mph in top gear.

          As this bike was built to serve as a daily commuter to be used on roads and gravel paths, it doesn’t have a particularly low gearing ratio, so does struggle on all but the steepest hills, but I always have the option of increasing the rear freewheel from 18t if needs be.

          Overall, I am dead impressed with this bike project. I wanted a low maintenance e-Bike Commuter to replace my Nexus 3 speed non-assisted bike and the Bafang kit doesn’t disappoint.

          Right, I'm off out for a ride, so watch this space for my longer-term review…
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              Stellar job mate, the kits are great aren't they? That's me had a year out of mine so far with no problems. And I'm pushing it to the max at 3200w 50mph with the Asi Bac 855 controller. The vitus dee is holding up well too. I changed the front rotor to a 203mm for added stopping power and the only thing I've needed to replace the past year is brake pads,
              Been thinking of maybe building/buying a teardrop shaped camping trailer to pull behind for camping holidays for me and the missus. Plenty of power to pull something big enough to fit 2 I reckon.


                Cheers Harvey. Your post inspired me to convert the Vitus Dee in the first place as I particularly wanted a rugged bike, 3 speed IGH and hydraulic brakes and I'm loving it. A very capable commuter indeed ticking all the boxes. I'm so impressed with the Bafang that I'm now converting my mtb. Bought another BBS02 and spare battery plate so I just need to swap the battery over. Makes for a very inexpensive emtb hard tail
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