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Surly Troll with BBSHD and 48 Volt battery.........

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    I do love a good steel frame! My first quality bike I bought back in '87 in middle school, it was a Bridgestone MB3 Mountainbike (or what they said was a MTB back then lol ... still had a mix of road and mis-matched derailleurs, never did shift right, would jam the chain between the large and middle sprocket doh!) Still have the bike! I really should build it up as a touring bike or something. My father used it for years after I left for the Air Force leaving it behind (he had a vintage Puegeot 10 speed until he left it in front of the house one day and it grew legs :( and dissappered).

    I have used the Surly Big Dummy forks on a build, and nothing is like a good solid "do anything" set-up with tons of braze-ons to mount w/e you like. I thought about building up a Troll but just never got around to it (a friend turned me onto the Vision R-40 recumbent and I was hooked!). Great build, be sure and take lots of pictures on your tour adventures! : )


      Originally posted by JBoyd View Post
      Yeah, I like the strength of the Troll frame and having the option of running fat tires if I desire. I will probably try the 3.0 inch Knard at some point. I feel like the Troll is sort of the Swiss army knife of bike frames.
      I really like the Surly Extraterrestrial 29 x 2.5 on my newest ride. It is kind of the Swiss Army Knife of tires. Might go well on a Troll, Orge or ECR. They come in 26/29. I wish they made it in 27.5 too. I'm running mine on a Velocity Dually 39ID rim and the tire actually measure slightly wider than 2.5 on that rim.
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        Hi, I am new to this forum. Allow me to reopen this thread. Having retied from road-biking, I would like to own a tourer bike, specifically the Surly Troll (but open to suggestions). I am also thinking of installing an electric motor as my condition of bronchial asthma prevents me from serious physical exertion. I expect to be riding in hilly terrain. I have zero knowledge about E-bikes, so any adice and suggestions on how to convert the Surly would be helpful. Many thanks & Seasons Greetings!


        I thought I would post an update on this bike. Since adding the motor the bike has done about 1300 miles with no problems. I ride through the winters with studded snow tires, currently on the bike. Version two of the Troll now runs:
        1. Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub
        2. Shimano Deore XT hydraulic brake in the rear
        3. Full twist throttle
        The chain line with the 3-speed hub and Lekkie chain ring is almost perfect with no spacers needed.
        I am still running the generator front hub to run my lights. This bike has been a bomb proof and fun beast, love it.
        Click image for larger version

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          Chain line:
          Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              Are the studded tires for early morning black ice? If snow, you're doing a darn good job cleaning the related salt ick off.

              Congrats on your well thought out build.
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                Yep, the city salts the roads. But not the bike paths. Most of my commute is on dedicated bike paths that get really icy with the thaw during the day and then refreezing at night. Some mornings it can be like riding on a skating rink. Full fenders helps to keep the bike clean. But, I recently cleaned it and thought it would be a good time for a photo.