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2016 Electra Townie 7D with BBSHD and 52V Carbon Shark

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    My favorite config! Nice colors too. Looks like a common problem for shorter riders trying to use seat suspension. Yours like mine, JUST fits with only a few MM to spare. 31" inseam here. The Suntour NCX was my best choice.


      I'd like to add that Thudbuster seatpost, but I'm afraid with my 30" inseam, it will put the seat too high. From the base of the suspension works it adds 5.67" which I think is too tall for me, and their shorter suspension travel only has 1" of travel so I'm not sure it's worth it.


      • Louis
        Louis commented
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        It's no big deal to cut down a seat tube on some frames. And the Thudbuster ST is sweet too!

      I placed my order from Luna today and it has shipped already! Thanks for showing us the way.


      • Eric Luna
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        thanks so much for trusting in us.

      Hi Rossinonte,
      Have you considered or has anyone else tried to put hydraulic disk brakes on an older Townie? Mine is about 10 years old and I am in the process of putting a mid-drive on it and wanted to also change the brakes. Judging from your picture, the arrangement for the brakes are the same even though my bike is a lot older than yours.


        MP, if you click on the user names under the avatar photos on the left it will tell you when the last time they were on the board was. Its been 4 years since most of the people in this thread have been online so its pretty unlikely they will respond. When I find an old thread I look to see if any of the people are still around if I'm hoping for specific info. In a case like this one I think if my questions were not answered just from reading I would start a new thread asking my questions.