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2016 Electra Townie 7D with BBSHD and 52V Carbon Shark

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    My favorite config! Nice colors too. Looks like a common problem for shorter riders trying to use seat suspension. Yours like mine, JUST fits with only a few MM to spare. 31" inseam here. The Suntour NCX was my best choice.


      I'd like to add that Thudbuster seatpost, but I'm afraid with my 30" inseam, it will put the seat too high. From the base of the suspension works it adds 5.67" which I think is too tall for me, and their shorter suspension travel only has 1" of travel so I'm not sure it's worth it.


      • Louis
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        It's no big deal to cut down a seat tube on some frames. And the Thudbuster ST is sweet too!

      I placed my order from Luna today and it has shipped already! Thanks for showing us the way.


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        thanks so much for trusting in us.

      Hi Rossinonte,
      Have you considered or has anyone else tried to put hydraulic disk brakes on an older Townie? Mine is about 10 years old and I am in the process of putting a mid-drive on it and wanted to also change the brakes. Judging from your picture, the arrangement for the brakes are the same even though my bike is a lot older than yours.


        MP, if you click on the user names under the avatar photos on the left it will tell you when the last time they were on the board was. Its been 4 years since most of the people in this thread have been online so its pretty unlikely they will respond. When I find an old thread I look to see if any of the people are still around if I'm hoping for specific info. In a case like this one I think if my questions were not answered just from reading I would start a new thread asking my questions.


          2016 Townie disc brake addition.

          I replaced the front fork on a 2016 Townie 7D which I had converted to a electric using a hub motor. The fork has the mounting points for a disc brake. It does raises up the front tire a bit. The balancing is a bit different but I adjusted just fine. All has been working well since 2019 . I like having the disc brake, real stopping power. Check out the links below that I used.

          Disc Brake:

          Caliper mount:

          Headset: 1 1/8"

          Front Hub:

          or purchase new rim with hub for disc brake mounting holes.

          Suntour SR 26" Fork, 60mm Travel 1 1/8" Threaded Steer Tube
          The 26" measurement is important as the Townie has a long steer tube. I got mine from EBay, I see another one a bit different it has a lockout which mine does not.

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            Sounds like this thread is expanded to address adding disc to the Townie. I am in the early stage of the ebike build now, but my first step completed was to do the Vbrake to Disc conversion. This required me to purchase a 26inch set that had disc already. I bought a GT mountain bike off Craigslist, and used the wheels, and brakes. The brakes are mechanical, not Hydraulic, but the process is the same.

            As SteveC shared prior, the forks on a Townie most likely with have the Disc caliper mounts. But not all Townie Forks have them. I have examples below. lucky for us, most of the townies that were equipped with suspension forks did have the mounts. But many of the rigid fork Townies did not, so you will need to replace the fork which SteveC did a good job of explaining. Please excuse not having a complete step by step procedure as I did last week, and didn't think it would be need to show anyone else.

            The biggest challenge is adding Disc to the back wheels. Below is are the photos and hope they help you. I searched many hours to find an adapter that works. I looked at the cheap $8 adapters, but they won't because you use up the axel budget. The A2Z adapter that many have used will work, but I didn't like the look. Searching again, I found a source that makes adapters for GT, Trek and Cannondale frames. I took the chance and order one that looks the most compatible. It works by needed some modifications. My goal was to not modify the frame. Also, Townies have 2 holes on the frame where racks can be added. I used these 2 holes to hold the rear disc brake adapter.

            the bracket is from:

            Here is the photo of the rear disc installed. I modified the adapter by aligning it properly, and using one of the existing holes to line up with an existing hole in the frame. Using a drill press, I drilled another hole on the adapter to line up with the other frame hole. Then trimmed the bottom (removing the excess part becaused it overlapped a raised area and the adapter didnt lay flat.).
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              Excellent work! I am putting the link for the adapter into my favorites.

            Interesting brake mount. Looks reasonable if you have a large flat dropout. Is that dropout steel or aluminum? Not sure I would like that if its aluminum. I would be concerned that it would be difficult to get enough clamping force with just those two screws threading into aluminum.


              What would worry me with adding disc brakes is the strength of the seatstay, I was heavy into mountain biking back when disc brakes came in and what everyone found was the aluminum seatstays that were not engineered for the forces would break. Most conversion kits for aluminum stays ended up being designed with a tie-rod that transferred the force up to the v brake lugs. Steel doesn't have the same problem.