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ActionBent trike with BBSHD

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    ActionBent trike with BBSHD

    I had this trike running a 9C clone hub motor for quite a while, but just completed conversion to BBSHD, Luna version - much simpler and more reliable than the hub motor version - quieter too, it turns out.


    Luna BBSHD with 500C display, bar-end mounted.
    Lost the seldom-used triple up front, using Luna 48T, 9-speed 11-32 rear
    52V 22A pack battery in tool bag mount, on TerraCycle recumbent batter mount bracket
    Utah Trikes alloy trike torque arm allows the motor to hang under, rather than in front of the boom
    Awaiting a somewhat beefier idler on the power side of the chain, no issues so far
    Magnetic brake sensors added to mechanical levers pulling TRP Spyre 203's
    Shift sensor added in front of rear derailleur

    So far a few short rides tell me this will be a good ride - someday I may find a deal on a full-suspension trike, but for now the budget precludes that. Roads not bad here, fortunately. Plenty of power, and efficiency seems good too. I think this will be perfect for leisurely rides with the wife in lower PAS settings, and had power for speed or hill climbing. I hope to recoup a bit of the investment by selling the old hub motor and controller which has plenty of life left in it.

    Is the throttle and display mounted on some sort of adapter or were those nubs original to the bike?

    What size is the rear wheel? Assuming its not 700 if you are happy with the 48t... or you are a fairly light person in a fairly flat area.

    I'm not sure I have ever seen clipless pedals on a trike before but its not like I see trikes that often and if someone is riding its harder to tell if they are clipless. Seems like a good idea especially on an E version given the leg position. I can hardly keep my feet on the pedals on a normal bike if I don't have my clipless setup.


      The nubs are add-ons - a company called TerraCycle makes various pieces for recumbent bikes, like the throttle mount thats a machined replacement for the bar-end shifter lever post screw - they make them for Shimano, SRAM and Microshift, like mine. I'm also using their battery mount bracket and will soon replace the idler with one of theirs intended for heavier duty.T he display is mounted on a Minoura right-angle thing normally used to mount lights on handlebar ends of upright bikes - trikers have to be resourceful in adapting two-wheel gadgets to three wheel.

      Rear wheel is 26" (559) standard. It all works well with the 48t as the rear has a fairly large granny to offset, so the whole thing, while heavy, climbs well. This is trike-style road climbing, which often means slow. Clipless pedals are pretty much required on low recumbents - added comfort and power, of course, but also to avoid the fabled "leg suck" where you might drop a foot and have it bent back under the thing at speed. I think this is more urban legend than anything, but either way, I have used nothing but clipless on all my bikes for like 20 years.