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Two bikes: TSDZ2 and BBS02

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    Two bikes: TSDZ2 and BBS02

    I just completed my second conversion last week, and I'm pretty sure it won't be my last.

    This is the Giant Sedona DX I bought new in 2004, but didn't get a lot of use until late in 2019 when I began riding to and from work, about 7½ miles each way. It was a nice ride, but I lived up in the hills, and to make the final climb a little easier in 2020 I bought a TSDZ2 kit with a 52v 40amp 14AH battery and charger from Electrify Bike Co. The conversion was easy enough, though of course not as easy as I expected (I had to re-route the rear derailleur cable, etc), but the result was incredible. I no longer had to dread that final hill at the end of the day.

    I have since moved much closer to work, but the motor conversion really makes riding a pleasure, one I look forward to every day.

    This year a friend of mine began commuting 14 miles a day on her Gary Fisher Capitola and I old her how much pedal assist would be a big help on hills (not many) and against the wind (very common in Reno).

    So last week I completed installing a Bafang BBS02 kit on her bike and yesterday we gave it a 30 mile shakedown, riding out past Verdi and back on the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail (which is mostly Highway 40 east of Reno).

    The Bafang unit is probably better-made than my Tongsheng TSDZ2, and seems to be much more powerful. She had a lot less trouble fighting the wind than I did on our way back from Verdi.

    In addition to my desire to help my friend with her commute, I was anyway keen to do another conversion, and to try the Bafang unit. This conversion is much cleaner than my first one, and probably not as clean as my next one will be. I learn more with each bike I build. In fact, I'm rather a n00b when it comes to bicycles, and pretty much all I know about them I learned doing these conversions. I also acquired a small arsenal of bike tools, which are pretty handy.

    Now I kind of want to convert a mountain bike with a Bafang BBSHD. There are some jeep trails around here where I simply cannot take my bike with its relatively thin tires. I'm nearly six and a half feet tall and I need to find a very large donor bike that can accept relatively fat tires (though I don't want a dedicated fatbike). The Kiwanis people have a big used bike shop here in Reno where I intend to prowl around this summer.

    I did hear a rumor that Bafang will stop making the BBSHD this year. Does anyone know about that?

    Did you ride the BBS02 much? The TSD is torque sensing isn't it? Just curious if you thought that was a big deal either way for mostly pavement riding.

    You now know what to look for when looking for a donor bike. The BBSHD gear case is just slightly larger diameter than the nubs that stick out on the 02's case so ideally you want a decent amount of room on the chainstay before it kicks out. The width of the theaded BB shaft is longer than the 02 even with the narrow model so you do have more room for spacers if you have to but more spacers often means worse chain line. ALso on the HD's you can get more offset with a Luna Eclipse chain ring as long as you have the chainstay clearance to clear it.

    At least looking for an XL frame you don't have battery clearance issues to worry about especially with a hard tail. Maybe look for something like a Surly Krampus? 29x3" tires and a good strong steel frame that gives a smoother ride than some full squish bikes on mild terrain. I'm not sure I have seen one with a BBSHD on it, maybe depends on the year, earlier ones with the 2x drive looked possible but they may have changed em later when they went to 1x.


      Sadly, I didn't ride the BBS02 very much. I just did a little test ride in my office parking lot using the throttle, since I didn't know how to turn on pedal assist (as you know, these Luna kits come with zero documentation and I had to hunt around to find the doc for the DPC-07 display). I very briefly tried the pedal assist at my friend's house, and it seemed to work okay.

      I was attracted to the idea of torque sensing, but now I'm not sure it really matters, especially if you have to use a less robust and powerful TSDZ2 to get it. My friend really enjoyed her pedal assist, and almost never used the throttle (I never even installed the throttle on my TSDZ2 conversion, and I was a little surprised how zippy it is with the BBS02). She was definitely having an easier time riding home against the headwind than I was, at low settings (1 or 2). I might be a Bafang guy now.

      With the rumors about the end of life of the BBSHD, I am tempted to buy a couple of them right now for future projects, but it is already becoming an expensive spring.