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"Rail Rider" - a light(ish) weight e-bike legal on Amtrak trains

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    I got the light and USB-A port wired, and put in a hot day ride up to the supermarket. On the ride (90+ F and humidity) I pushed the motor hard both ways (2kw power setting) and didn't exceed the indicated 180F core temperature. While taking the following pictures after stopping, I watched the core temp rapidly drop to 140F before turning the motor display off.

    The aluminum-cased light cost approx $12, and is rated for 12-100V D.C. I'm going to lighten up the light bracket, as I overdid it a little, and also move it a little more out of hand-grab reach:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20230428_131734.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.47 MB ID:	161870

    The USB-A port is likewise wide-voltage rated, and I underslung it under the bar (on the left side). The light and the USB port are connected to the 52-volt battery via a 5-amp fuse. For the main wire harness run I used a 22 gauge 4-conductor cable (two hot, two ground) from the fuse up to the bars, ending at two 2-pin JST RCY connectors. At the bars, the USB port uses one connector, and the light the other, via a bar switch.

    For long-trip navigation in unfamiliar areas, I picked up a Garmin Edge Explore 2 with a 1/4-twist mount for it (or my phone in a pinch). Under normal conditions, it'll be powered off of the bike. The stand-alone ride time battery life, depending on power-saving settings, is a couple of days, and the display can be read in direct sunlight:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20230428_131819.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.65 MB ID:	161871

    I chose the Edge Explore 2 over the other Garmin GPS devices, as it seems more tailored to turn-by-turn navigation and has a slightly larger screen. It doesn't accept some of the more advanced Garmin rider monitoring pickups. Screen visibility in full sunlight seems fine - I wish the motor displays were as good.
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