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-fat tire bafang hd 1000 trail bike-

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    -fat tire bafang hd 1000 trail bike-

    I have acquired the Skuma Fat Tire bike that was in this years Las Vegas bike show from Eric at Luna cycles. This was originally built up more as a street bike by one of the engineers from Bafang. It was used as a demo bike at the show to demonstrate the new HD1000 motor.
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    This is kind of a condensed post of the thread I did on endless sphere for those interested in more detail the changes made to the bike to make it more of a trail bike. Also there is a short video of the bike in the snow here after its modifications.

    This style of bike and motor combination I would recommend to any one that is happy riding at slower speeds and placing hill climbing at the top of there list for what they want out of a bike. Also of course the bonus of sand and snow which is a total blast! The bike including battery is just a little over 60lbs running a 52v 11ah pack from Luna cycle. The tubless tires were installed and some different gearing so I could better climb hills and also a little tweeking of the controller settings to give more power with a smoother power band. Also the dropper seat post was added, a must have in my opinion for any one serious about having fun on the trail. The photo at the end shows the 42 tooth rear cog I have been running on my 4 speed cassette. It got bent with the 1350 watt loads I have been putting through it so I have straightened it out and its working fine again but I think I will go Sturmey Archer 3 speeed with a 22 t rear cog mated with the Luna 30t mini to better equip this bike for the trails. I hope to do this by the spring. Updates to follow.

    I am totally over the moon with this bike and I can only hope that the tadpole trike I traded Eric for this bike will work well for him.

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    I have now installed a Sturmey Archer internal geared hub model SX RK3 for fat bikes. I only have 5 miles on the new hub but it seems very nice. I have a new mini 30 tooth coming in the mail that will help gear the bike better for off road riding. Very happy with the whole package, I now have around 600 kilomoters on the bike and going strong.


      Very nice. Saw that on the sphere while looking for something else


        Back in biz now! The mini arrived and it pairs really nice with the dished 22 tooth on the SA hub for both chain line and gearing for trail riding. The mini 30 tooth looks to be awesome quality.


          Bafangs new color display arrived today from Luna and its real nice. It will be great to have a good readout of real time watts being pulled. This will come in handy for finding the best effeciency when climbing. I have been wondering if its best for effeciency (lets say your really trying to extend your range with your battery getting low) to keep slower motor revs so I can assist with pedals or forget pedals all together and just keep the revs up in a nice low gear? I am pretty sure the answer is going to be forget the pedals and rev it up but this display will give me real time comunication like my old version 3 ca so this will be nice.

          I have a question if there are others that have this display up and running yet. I have set the battery voltage set to "UBE" which seems to be the setting for batteries that are over 48v but after that I dont see away to enter the 52 volt parameter. This new display readout is saying only 55.9 volts after a full charge and I know its really at 58.6 volts so not sure why this is? Click image for larger version

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            I heard elsewhere that the display doesn't allow throttle only, is that true? On real steep rocky technical stuff I prefer to pick my way through using just throttle. Nice video, nice looking trail, makes me want to take a ride!


     answer your question regarding the display yes you can run throttle only on pas setting 0. But you still need to have a program cable to alter controller settings the same way as with the older display. So the display works the same as the older unit but has some extra nice features like watt reading and real time voltage read out. I just have to find out why my display is not reading accurate voltage numbers higher than 55.9. I think when voltage sag starts to set after riding the bike around for a while the display will give accurate readings once the actual voltage gets below this 55.9 number so I will check that out today.