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Motobecane 29+ X5 BBSHD Build

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    Motobecane 29+ X5 BBSHD Build

    BBSHD kit from Luna.
    Shift sensor, left thumb throttle, Lekkie 42 tooth chain wheel, full color display, hydraulic brake interrupters and 52V 13.5ah shark battery.

    Motobecane 29+ X5 bike, 18", SRAM X5 10speed and Shimano Hydraulic disks.

    Everything went together with no huge issues. The 100mm BBSHD required a 2mm spacer for the triangle mounting bracket to grip the bottom bracket shell tightly. The Lekkie bling ring provided a perfect chain line. I also shortened the main power cables from the battery and from the motor so there wouldn't be a zip tied rat's nest bundle down there. The battery has two mounting slots and one hole in the middle. The middle mounting hole caused the battery to slightly interfere with the seat tube enough so the lock wouldn't engage. I had to elongate the lock hole about one millimeter. I wish the middle hole was a slot instead of a hole. This would greatly reduce mounting issues.
    Using the off-road Luna controller program it'll roll 30MPH on throttle only and 36MPH with me pedaling. With minimal assist I'm getting around a 50 mile range on a flat route. Enjoy the pictures.

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    NIcely finished, I have added this to the compatible thread