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Black Electra Moto + BBS02

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    Hereby a quick update after riding the bike for the past year:

    Click image for larger version

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    • I use the bike almost every day for commute except when the rain is just too much
    • I removed the throttle completely since I did not use it
    • I did not install the e-brakes since the motor stops directly when I stop pedaling
    • I ordered this connector cable to reduce clutter (since I do not use throttle or e-brakes)
    • I've had very little problems with my chain, although I will install chain thugs to keep tension
    • The 52v Luna shark pack sometimes dies out of nothing at around 47v I believe the condition of one cell is not so good anymore. I will try to solve this by charging the next 10 times to 100% so it can balance. Not sure if this will help though. Normally I charge at 80% or 90% and once every month at 100%.
    Please let me know your thoughts or ideas!


      Hi - I have a similar bike with the 3-speed. One thing I checked on mine was the tire size... it's a 29er. If your display is set at default, it might be for a 26er. After changing the tire size on the display I found the speedo to be pretty accurate.


        Speedo is actually okay now. This has been set to 29-ers from the beginning.


          I have the exact same bike and a spare bbs02 at home. I was worried about burning up the bbs02 motor since the single speed is quite a small cog. Do you just make sure you don't have it in high pedal assist when starting from a stop? I've seen single speeds like those banana bikes but they have bbshd. Anyone else can tell me if this is advisable to for single speed and bbs02.i have 42t Lekkie bling ring but perhaps single speed would need a 30t mighty mini of you wanna ride up a hill or something ?