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2011 Giant Cypress BBSHD : Part 2

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    2011 Giant Cypress BBSHD : Part 2

    While riding the bike before the conversion, I learned that the majority of my riding was done with the middle chain-ring sprocket. I also knew that I was going to lose all three sprockets in favor of the Bafang single chain-ring. The stock Cypress gearing was a 48-38-28 assembly. The supplied steel Bafang unit is 48- teeth. I thus ordered an additional Luna steel/alloy 42-tooth chain-ring. This was my first and only mistake. Even though I watched part 3 of the Luna installation video, I neglected to pay attention to the chain-ring offset. The steel 48-tooth Bafang unit has a 19mm offset and the Luna 42-tooth unit I ordered is only 9mm. The steel unit aligned quite well on the Cypress but the alloy unit didn't. With the drive and all equipment mounted, I rode the bicycle for a week while awaiting the battery pack. The brakes and shifter worked very well. The Shimano Altus was pretty easy to adjust using the Bafang 48-tooth chain-ring with the 19mm offset.

    After removing the left side handlebar front derailleur shifter, the universal throttle and the display controllers fit quite nicely. I chose the Luna 700C display and that fit as well.
    The battery that I chose was the 48V 11.5AH Carbon Shark Pack with the cradle. The fit was perfect. No screwing around with crimping, soldering, or other wiring chores. Plug ‘n Play.
    After charging the battery, plugging it into the cradle, and powering up the display, I programmed the basic and display settings according to the info from the Ebike Forum ( First ride was thrilling. 6th gear with the Bafang 48-tooth chain-ring registered 25 MPH. I had never used pedal assist (PAS) and I was pleasantly surprised at how effortlessly it worked. I programmed the 700C for all nine PAS steps.

    I also purchased the Bafang programming cable. Improvements to the system are definitely installing the 42-tooth Lekkie chain-ring and dialing in the 9 step PAS definitions. Right now I am mostly using 5th and 6th gears around town with too much PAS and the top speed in 1st gear is pretty excessive.

    All in all, I was quite surprised at how quickly this conversion got implemented, how well it looks, and how well it performs. The wife’s Trek 820 is next.

    Nice, the Lekkie 42 should align better, close to the middle range on your rear gears. If you think you need even more offset, get the other Luna ring, which I think has the most offset (25mm of?) any other ring out there. On my build the Lekkie is probably the best offset-wise, putting me straight near the gears I use most, but still allowing nice full range shifting without any issues.

    EDIT: can't see the photos in your post here. I see the one photo in your part 1 post.


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