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Framed Minnesota plus BBSHD build

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    Framed Minnesota plus BBSHD build

    Never posted here before but....and hopefully the photo attach works, but here's my Framed Minnesota 2.0 with BBSHD build in MN. I went with the 42T Lekkie and a Side shark 48v battery. It's running great. My wife and I bought Townie Go's for rail trails this summer and completely love them and their Bosch motor, but I wanted to juice up a fat bike, so here it is.

    Perhaps of note, (after a lot of experimenting), I set my Keep Current down to 45% which probably doubled my battery range, and lowered my Current Decay to 3. My town is pretty hilly and I was calculating about 22 miles per charge range but today I took it out with my miserly tune and I calculate 45 miles per charge with what I consider to be a more torque sensing-like experience. Also, speed limit is 100% for all PAS levels and Current increments by 10 from 10 to 100.

    I might even lower Keep Current to 40% and maybe consider Current Decay of 2. For now, I'm awfully happy.

    Bill from up north

    Clean, simple, cool. I love it!