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Giant nrs 2 bbshd built

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    Giant nrs 2 bbshd built

    I entered the electric bike world during the summer of 2018 and I am very glad I did.

    I bought everything from em3ev battery and motor.
    Battery 14p with 30q samsung with bluetooth bms which is very strong indeed.With normal us I can make 120 kms range.

    They arrived in Austria very quick less than 2 weeks. No customs paid for my good luck.
    The chainring is from precialps from france,, similar with the lekkke 42t.
    I also added a sunrace wide ratio cassette with 8 speeds which are enough for me and a kms chain.
    I also added the gearsensor with is a must have and one front brake sensor for safety.

    Very pleased with the built, I want to thank the forum for all the information that I read an learned

    I uploaded some fresh photos with new brake rotors, new handlebars and a different shock.

    Ride on.....
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    Nice build. I was going to try the precialps to save a few bucks but no luck on availability.


      I wanted too to buy a second chainring for backup but I think we have to wait to ne available again.

      Update , Precialps has stock again 42t,36t,34t,32t
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        Nice and clean instal


          Did you have any chain line issues? And is it a 68mm bottom bracket? And what size frame is it
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            Originally posted by Paulchef View Post
            Did you have any chain line issues? And is it a 68mm bottom bracket? And what size frame is it
            Sorry for the late respond.
            I have zero chain issues, the chain line is really perfect, the chainring has too much offset and I had to put 2 small spacers of 1mm each, because otherwise the chainring was touching the chainstay.
            It is a medium frame and just for the info the battery fits perfectly. The bb is 68mm and the motor also.

            After one year and more than 2000kms I have no issues at all.
            One day I plan to open the motor to put some grease but yet it is still very quiet.
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