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Fuji Nevada 29er + BBS02 + NuVinci (WIP)

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    Finished this bike tonight. I installed my new rock shox fork, and managed to cut it to the right length this time.

    This will be my commuter for the foreseeable future. For my 2nd build, I am very happy with it and I hope to get a lot of mileage from it.

    ... and just like that, I'm already onto my next project: a Motobecane hal5 trail full suspension + BBSHD :)
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      3 weeks and 200 miles later, I've had one flat and, on a separate occasion, the rear wheel came slightly loose, causing the N360 to slip out of adjustment. Otherwise, the bike has performed stellar. I am hopeful that my luck will improve, and that I will see a few hundred more miles without issue.

      I got a backup Mighty Mini battery to help with my range anxiety. There's plenty of space in the rear bag for 2 Mighty Minis. Charging 2 batteries is going to suck sometimes, but given I now have 3 BBSXX bikes, I prefer the modularity the Mighty Mini provides.


        Recently passed 800 miles, and I'm starting to understand my preferences/riding style. I didn't want to be "that guy" with all the handlebar accessories, but it seems I can't avoid it. Since my last post, I've added:

        - rear view mirror
        - aero bars
        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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          Summer is coming, and my credit card knows it.

          I have these upgrades on the way for my commuter:

          - 48v 17.5ah jumbo whale battery, to replace the two mighty minis on my commuter. I will mount it to the frame most likely. I was inspired by another ebiker on the forum to get the blackburn frame bag to potentially mount against the top tube.

          - origin8 Propulsion Bike Handlebar Road Ends to replace my Aero Bars that I only used twice and wasn't a big fan of.

          - SKS Velo 65 MTB Snap-On Bicycle Fenders

          I'm excited to get even more dialed in this season! Pictures will come soon.
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            Here's what I've settled on for now:

            - added whale battery 17.5ah 48v
            - added mucky nutz front fender
            - added Topeak rear fender
            - added drop bar extensions
            - removed rear rack

            so it's not stealthy anymore, but I do quite like the sporty look.
            one minor issue while installaing the battery is that I had to drill two new holes into the mount, and that I had to use some plumbers putty underneath to protect it against rattles.

            Click image for larger version

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