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2018 Crust Evasion step-thru, BBS02, Shimano Nexus INTER-3 IGH

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  • Mike_V
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    My Lucky Super Seven Sachs "Top Technik im Zweirad"

  • Mike_V
    Thank you, that's a great summary and nice work because I can follow your design style in your eBike builds.

    I do depend upon lots of torque for short steep hills 50# eBike & 200# rider with strong winds and my current build is working fine.
    I am going to install the 42T chainring, as you have used, to improve chain line.
    My new transmission, pictures from the advertisment. MV
    Next: Click image for larger version  Name:	Torpedo7.jpg Views:	1 Size:	300.5 KB ID:	152708 Click image for larger version  Name:	DrumBrake.jpg Views:	1 Size:	281.9 KB ID:	152709
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  • Rider
    Very nice! How’s your top speed with reasonable cadence?

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  • Jim Keller
    congrats on getting this build going! Super interested as I am looking to build BBSHD/Alfine-8/Gates on a Specialized AWOL. Staying tuned...

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  • 2018 Crust Evasion step-thru, BBS02, Shimano Nexus INTER-3 IGH

    Crust Evasion step-through frame. initial Specs: 68mm motor, 73mm bottom bracket, with:
    • Fattish tire clearance with a narrowish Q., max 3" wide tire clearance (in 26")
    • TRP Spyre cable brake calipers
    • BBS02 mid drive
    • Short-reach bars/stems
    • Adjustable, replaceable rear dropouts with an inboard (within the frame triangle) disk caliper mount
    • 1/8 inch chain
    • Steel frame tubes
    These frames have a relatively high top tube and big main triangle for a battery, and triple bottle mounts on the down tube. The first iteration had a Shimano Nexus 3-speed IGH (Halo SAS rims and Schwabe Big Apple tires). After a few years, it got an upgrade from 3 to 8 speeds, via a new 26-inch wheelset (Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, Alfine 8, Sapim spokes, and Velocity Blunt rims) and a Lekkie 40 tooth chainring, to fix up the chain line. The former Shimano 3-speed operated just fine, but more gear range was desired. The colors were updated, taking cues from the Harley Davidson prototype e-bike and the Bluejay Premiere. I prefer silver components, when available.

    The bike has a new owner, and I hope it's earning its keep.​
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