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2008 Devinci Wilson full suspension

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    2008 Devinci Wilson full suspension

    Hi guys,

    Thought I would add some pics of my builds because I know I love to look at your build pics :).

    This is a 2008/9 Devinci Wilson with a 30A BBSHD and a 17ah Jumbo Shark. I drilled and tapped the frame in 4 places to hold the battery mount, and added a velcro strap for insurance. I know some people are against drilling frames, but this is an extremely strong frame with a lifetime warranty when used for full-out downhill racing (not that that warranty applies to me any longer). Anyhow the point is that I will only be using this for regular trail riding so it should hold up great even with a few screws in it.

    I found some fantastic fenders which I am very happy with so far (though I haven't ridden the bike yet!). They are sturdy and adjustable. They should keep my butt and battery nice and clean. The fenders are from Zefal.

    The headlight is wired into the battery and has various settings up to 3200 lumens. I picked it up from Fischer Fab House (Luna sells it too).

    I also found a really great tail light on Amazon which has an alarm built in w/remote. It actually works very well. After you set it, it has a motion sensor which gives a warning at first and then a very loud alarm.

    For a display I am running the Eggrider V2 which makes for a very clean cockpit and really easy programming changes.

    Click image for larger version

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    Does the front tire hit the battery on full compression of the front fork.


    • AndyZ
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      That question has a two part answer. I have it set up fairly stiff and I haven't done gnarly downhill with the bike (actually I have only ridden it a few times). So under normal woods or street riding, no the tire doesn't impact the battery, but if you made the front end more plush or did aggressive downhill then yes it would impact under full compression.

    Hi Andy - looks great! 17AH battery?

    Reminds me to go work on my fenders ...
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    • AndyZ
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      Thanks ncrkd! Yes it is a 17ah from EM3EV. The fenders are really great. Such a nice fit and very adjustable. They are from Zefal.

    I was eyeing the "Wilson" for my next build but my research indicates the bottom bracket size as 83mm ? Can you confirm this? I have the standard 68-73mm BBSHD which seems to limit my choices somewhat..