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    2018 Townie

    This was my first build (see Devinci Wilson for the second one).

    2018 Townie with 30A BBSHD and a 17ah Jumbo Shark.

    Cirrus body float seat suspension. Man that thing works really well!

    The fur under the Brooks is to keep my butt warm in winter. The leather gets very cold. It's amazing what a difference stuffing some sheepskin underneath it made.

    Fischer Fab House headlight (with leather mount) with up to 3200 lumens. Rear tail light runs off the front dynamo (bike came that way). Security alarm/light under the seat.

    Rear licence plate # is the approx max motor wattage if run at 30A with a fully charged battery.

    Put XT brakes to give it a little more stopping power over stock, and a better lever feel.

    Oversized Schwalbe Big Ben's which barely fit under the fenders.

    Click image for larger version

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    Very good looking build. How did you mount the chain guard?


    • AndyZ
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      On the rear it is in the factory bolt hole and on the front it is just squashed between the BBSHD and the factory bolt hole. There isn't room for the bolt, but after the BBSHD is installed, there is the perfect amount of space to gently force the guard mounting flange between the mount and the motor. Took a few gentle hammer or fist taps. It is solid. It was a real blessing that it worked. If a person were to add a motor spacer to that side, they could use an actual bolt in the mount.

      Edit: I think I am mistaken about the possibility of using a motor spacer and a bolt, because there likely wouldn't be enough wiggle room to install the bolt. Maybe if it were a very short bolt and you fastened it while the motor was installed but not fastened tight, but even then I'm not sure that would work. I have the motor out right now as I tried an inside-the-triangle mount (which didn't work), so I can see if I can get a bolt on the chain guard when I put it back together.
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    I would say the only part of this build that wasn't ideal is that the battery impacts the chain when using a 42 tooth and up offset chainring like the lekkie, so I had to mount the battery higher up the frame than I would like. Would love to have it right down close to the BB. With the 36 tooth lekkie the battery can get significantly closer, but then other chain line and gearing issues are created. I have a 17AH pack, so perhaps a smaller pack would be narrow enough to mount lower down the tube.


      How much offset did you use on your chain ring? What type of chain ring did you use? beautiful build, thanks For the input.


        Nice build what pedals have you used? My Townie fit without a spacer using the stock 48T Luna ring