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2004 Drop Bar Rockhopper 52V BBS02 13.5Ah Shark

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    2004 Drop Bar Rockhopper 52V BBS02 13.5Ah Shark

    I'm most of the way through building up my 2004 Rockhopper hardtail as a commuter/trail bike. Fitting the controls to the drop bars was the major challenge of the build. Hope some of these pictures might help others out there who might be considering something similar. I've taken the bike out on two rides so far and had a blast. My only thought now is maybe getting a dedicated trail bike and converting it over to electric :)

    During the build, I mocked up the controls with zip-ties and the brake sensor magnet with hot glue until I found the right positions for everything. Then the controls were later attached with the help of a rivnut gun and some rubber furniture skids. Some loctite two-part epoxy now holds the sensor magnet and reed switch in place.

    The plastic cable guide under the bottom bracket had to be ground slightly to clear the motor, but other than that the BBS02 fit great on the frame with no major issues. I used the rivnut gun to create two extra hold downs for the battery.

    With the motor and battery mounted. Grinding away the cable guide under the bottom bracket. Underside view of the motor/bottom bracket area.  The cable guide is about to be re-installed. Zip ties temporarily hold the throttle near the left brake hood. Zip ties and hot glue temporarily holding the PAS selector to the stem.

    Weekend #2: decided to get serious about mounting the controls. A rivnut gun really came to the rescue here and allowed me to create more secure mounting points.


      How the brake sensor is attached.


        First trail ride, up Priest Rock Trail which was a total blast. Kept the bike in PAS 1/2 and the lowest gear most of the way. The gearing is currently 42 up front but I can see going lower if I wanted to climb more aggressive stuff.


          Here's a picture of the chain line. The 42 tooth lunacycle wide-thin chain ring works well, but is definitely happier with the chain on the smaller cogs. I also tried a 42-tooth bling ring to get a better chain line, but ran into interference issues with the chain stay. I have ordered a spacer for the bling ring and will try again. Hope to get the chain line situated more in the center of the rear cog set.


            That's a neat bike. I don't think I have seen a drop bar trail bike with suspension before. Hopefully the bling ring works out for you. You can always go IGH if you have to. I like how you added a mounting post for the throttle using a rivnut and some rubber stoppers (is that what those are?).

            My only question is, don't you get a lot of grit in your water bottle? I am curious why you didn't choose the seat tube or top tube for mounting it?
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              Thank you, those are great suggestions. I was thinking about mounting somewhere else, but was so eager to get out on the trail I decided to use the third bottle cage mount. I did get grit int he bottle during the ride, so yeah it wasn't the best of ideas. I could probably fit the battery underneath there instead, but I"m guessing it's probably not great for the battery to serve double duty as a bash shield... I like the idea of using the top tube or seat stay.

              The rubber feet I used are for furniture legs. I believe these are the ones, although I had bought them some time ago and had them sitting in my tool box. The mount works great. The tension from the screw keeps the throttle assembly from turning in place. It feels pretty secure, even on a bumpy trail.



                Yeah the battery seems perfect where it is. I have even mounted a water bottle on top of the top tube with a twofish velcro cage holder.


                  Thank you AndyZ, I just ordered a twofish on Amazon. Could have used it today, it was a little muddy out!

                  Today's ride was the hardest I have pushed the bike so far... 1800ft over 4 miles for an average of 9% grade. I climbed in PAS3, spinning as fast as I could in the lowest gear. The power meter showed 5-600 watts most of the way up. Almost made it to the top, but the motor got hot and cut out just before the last climb. I took some pictures while I was waiting for it to cool off.


                    Everything looks so dry there. It is surprising how much mud is on your bike! Let me know how you like the twofish adapter. I have a few and they work great for me, but I have read one or two reviewers complaints that it moves around too much on the frame. Maybe they didn't tighten it well enough, or perhaps their frame is thinner than mine. Either way, I would say if you have any trouble with slippage, just smear a little clear silicone on the part of the velcro strap that touches the frame, which would be the back side of the velcro since it doubles back over itself. Let it dry and then use it. The silicone will make it nice and grippy.

                    I haven't overheated a motor yet but I am glad yours shuts down rather than cooks itself. I'm not up to speed on the BBS02 & HD in terms of overheat protection. Are they coming with that built in? Last I read we had to install probes ourself. What gearing is on the back of your bike?

                    When do your spacers arrive? Your chain line will be way better with the lekkie and some spacers to fit... That will be a nice upgrade!

                    Just thinking about your mudguard. I found a really fantastic one this year that fits onto the suspension and hugs the wheel very well. It might keep your bike a lot cleaner and would possibly mean you dont have to move your water bottle, or you could have two water bottles, using the twofish.

                    Below is the link. I bought it from Chain Reaction but they seem to be sold out right now, but if you want it perhaps you can find it elsewhere. Their website pic shows two different guards, but you only get one guard (it just looks different depending which side you attach the extra fin for front or rear use).

                    Click image for larger version

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