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1996 Mongoose Hilltopper with Luna Cycle BBSHD and Custom Battery Enclosure

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    1996 Mongoose Hilltopper with Luna Cycle BBSHD and Custom Battery Enclosure


    Total weight: 75 Lbs.
    BBSHD motor: 15 Lbs.
    Battery: 11.5 Lbs.
    ABS plastic Battery Enclosure: 6 Lbs.
    Console: 1.7 Lbs.
    Bike: 36 Lbs.

    Frame Material: 4130 Chrome Moly
    Frame Make and Model: Mongoose Hilltopper
    Frame Year Made: 1996

    This is a long term dream of mine realized. A bike with the battery where it needs to be to have a balanced ride with a range that allows me to take it seriously as transportation.

    This is the fourth e-bike I've built. The others were all front hub motors with three lead acid batteries from Keyko. Total weight of batteries was 21 pounds and 15 pounds for the front wheel. This BBSHD build is only 25.

    I took an old 1996 Mongoose I've had for the last 21 years and "upgraded" it by adding a Luna Cycle BBSHD (hotrod version).

    The original frame:

    The finish was a simple clear coat that was so old it was yellow and so brittle I was able to easily scrape the finish off with a stainless steel guitar pick. I then polished it with Mother's Billet metal polish.

    This is a standard bottom bracket so I used the 68mm to 73mm version of the BBSHD.

    I ordered a softpack 48 volt, 24AH battery with a 46 mile range, 36 leaving 20% in it always. I oversized this battery massively to make sure it was having only light demands put on it. This will easily power a cyclone 3000 watt motor.

    The list of gear purchased for this build:

    From LunaCylcle:

    48v 24AH 1.1 Kilowatt battery capable of 3000 watt peaks and 50 amp continuous
    Smart Charger
    Gear sensor
    right half twist throttle (I hated this thing, recommend not using this and getting a thumb throttle. It's much safer)
    36t Luna Chain ring
    thumb throttle (right hand)
    Triangle Battery Bag

    From various suppliers:

    26" tubeless ready wheels, DT swiss rims with Shimano Deore hubs
    Continental CrossKing 'all around' tubeless/ebike ready MTB tires,
    Stans no tubes sealant
    DT Swiss tubeless rim tape
    tubeless presta valve stem
    9 speed cassette (bike coop)
    9 speed derailleur (bike coop)
    Chaser Technologies disc brake conversion kit (
    Shimano SM RT64 disc rotors
    Old disc calipers I found at the bike coop
    Rock Shox Judy TT (bike coop)
    Center Kick Stand
    Heavy Duty KMC 8 speed chain
    Adjustable Headset (bike coop)
    Bike Rack, Heavy Duty 310 Lbs. capacity
    heavy duty toggle switch with rubber boot
    Headlight (4 5 watt LEDS) 48v
    Taillight 48v
    ABS plastic 1/4 "
    cable operated throttle for motor cycle

    Tools/Supplies Purchased for this build:

    Rotor/cassette lockring tool
    chain whip tool
    Liquid Electrical Tape
    Dielectric Grease
    Permatex Black Plastic Weld
    Marine Grade Dual wall Adhesive Lined Shrink Tube
    Heat Shrink Solder Sleeve Crimpless Butt Conectors
    Crank Extractor

    Longer limit screw Cro-mo decal Hilltopper Decal old mongoose 1996 giving up on the triangle bag and moving the timeline up on the custom battery enclosure
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    By far, my favorite thing I customized into this bike, is the remote cable operated throttle.

    I grew up in Illinois, and even though I live in Colorado on the front range, I still insist upon waterproofing my e-bike (I've had three other hub motor e-bikes).

    First I made a cable stop

    And bought a cable operated motorcycle throttle

    The electronic throttle mounted with Cable operated throttle attached

    Remote Throttle assembly mounted into corner braces of battery enclosure

    Remote Throttle Installed into battery enclosure

    I think it's really protection from salt I'm doing here. But looking at waterproofing your throttle, I found it was deemed probably not possible.

    Thus the awesome remote throttle!
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      The second awesome addition to the bike is a custom console for the watt meter, Bafang display, keypad, kill switch, and light switch.

      Again, that waterproofing bug, I really thought that watt meter needed to be in a rain proof, splash proof, corrosion resistant enclosure.

      False Bottom making it possible to waterproof


        I'm currently using a 36t LunaCycle chainring on the front and I'm using a 9 speed rear cassette limited right now to being a five speed. The 36t doesn't allow me to use third, second, or first. And really, the chain is still falling off a little now and then so I suspect I should turn that extra long limit screw I put in to limit it to a four speed.

        LunaCycle 36t Chainring

        Extra Long Limit Screw

        I removed every other cog (for the first three cogs) and I really like the wider gear spacing. It seems to suit the motor better, and it's pretty great to pedal if you have to.

        I'm using a 34t cog for my first gear, but honestly, it's a super granny gear at nearly one to one ratio. It's also really great because this motor is working way less to initially move the bike. And it walks right up steep hills at 12 mph while using around 600 watts, a real plus living here on the front range!

        Rear view of cassette showing the chain line with the 36t

        un-used side of the cassette

        I did this reverse cascade because otherwise it is ugly and might actually jam the chain up in it. Or so my thinking goes...