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My First E-Bike Build

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    My First E-Bike Build

    Hello All,

    I just finished my E-Bike build and it was fun and I learned a lot. I used a Cannondale F900 that I had sitting in my garage for a long time. The build included the following components:
    1. Cannondale F900 (Fatty Head Shock) - Old as heck but cleaned up well
    2. (2) Serfas Drifter 2.0 tires
    3. Bafang BBSHD 1000W
    4. 54v 14ah Battery
    5. DPC-18 display
    6. Lekkie Bling Ring 46t
    7. New 9 speed chain
    8. Pack of BB shims
    9. New Grips
    10. New rear rack Axiom DLX Disc
    11. Seat Clamp for rack - No braze on's
    12. Thumb Throttle
    13. Gear Sensor
    14. Wheel Speed Senor

    The build went as expected and I did receive some tips from Luna Cycle (thank you). The bike rides VERY smooth with the SERFAS Drifter 2.0 tires (highly reccomend) and has good grip on and off road. The shifting is also smooth and the gear senor does help. I added a rack to it today to allow me to carry items on the bike and not on my back. I did a 24 mile ride today, it was windy going out and there were some rollers and a small dirt section. I rode in mode 3 majority of the time with 4 used in the wind and 5 used for a steep dirt section. It worked perfect!!! After 24 miles my battery precentage shows 98%. I did not use the trottle but peddaled the whole ride and shift into easier gears to keep my cadence within a certain range. I put some pitctures of my build for you to see...


    It looks awesome...I must say..